Hate Speech Bill: LAI Should Replace LIE In The Dictionary – Nigerians React

A recently now-viral video posted by former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri, which shows Nigerian Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed saying on an International Interview that he knew nothing about ‘Hate Speech Bill’ has gotten Nigerians talking on social media, imagining how the minister would make such a comment on international interview, despite debates that lingered for a while last year in the senate and on news media.

Reno Omokri who posted the video said from his end that the minister’s response to the ‘Hate Speech Bill’ is the most disgraceful event of the century.

He tweeted;

“Disgrace of the CENTURY: Watch Lai Mohammed LIE to the world that there is no such Bill as the Hate Speech Bill, being sponsored by Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator AliyuAbdullah. A Bill that has featured on @channelstv, @CNN and @BBC.”

See the video where Lai Denied the Hate Speech bill;

Also reacting to the video, former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode said, “Lai Mohammed is the biggest LIAR in the history of Nig. politics & he should have thought twice before attempting to go toe to toe with Tim Sebastien (of Hatdtalk fame) who, in my view, is the toughest, most incisive, most insightful and most brilliant interviewer of his generation.”

“Tim, as usual, had done his research very well and he took the Liar to the cleaners and had him stammering like a kindergarten student. Next time Lai will remain in his very low league and not attempt to cross swords on int. television with a well-informed and thoroughly professional journalist with over 40 experience, who knows his onions and who cannot be easily lied to or intimidated.” He added.

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However, a few moments later, Reno Omokri again dug out another video of the Minister, where he was defending the same ‘Hate Speech Bill’ he claimed to know nothing about.

Watch the video below;

This media understands that the bill which was introduced sometime last year by Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullah, Senate Whip, has received objections from the masses.

Since the video of Lai was posted on Twitter, a barrage of reactions from Nigerians both home and abroad has been received, with insinuations that the minister is such a disgrace.

In a chat, another social media user noted the word LIE should be replaced with LAI, stating that the Ministers name has seemed to be more popular and fit to connote ‘Not telling a truth’.

The video has not only caused trends on social media but has got many Nigerians asking questions of whether our leaders have the masses in their heart at all levels.

Also reacting to the video, a twitter user identified as @AfamDeluxo said in his entire lifetime, he has not seen a pathological liar like Lai Mohammed.

He also suggested that it is important when a parent gives birth to always give their children good names that will speak for them even in the future. Pointing that the Minister’s name is the reason why he always gushes out lies.


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