List of Things You Can’t Take on a Plane

What are the things you can’t take on a plane? The objects you cannot take on a plane when planning to travel are listed in this post so do well to avoid taking them along.

Travelling is always exciting from the moment you choose the place, but if you plan to take a plane, either because it is a distant place or simply for the convenience of arriving soon at your destination, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

It is important that you are up to date with the constant changes to the rules of operation at airports and airlines so that you do not have any mishaps when documenting your luggage and you can board your plane without setbacks.

Here is a guide to things you can and should not carry on board the plane or in your carry-on luggage.

List of Things You Can’t Take on a Plane

1. Tools

It is allowed to carry tools such as pliers, spanners or screwdrivers as long as they are not more than 7 inches (not more than 18 centimetres). Knives, scissors or sharps must be perfectly packed in checked luggage.

2. Non-flammable Gels, Liquids and Aerosols

Personal care items such as gels, liquids, non-flammable sprays, as well as food and beverages must be in containers of 3.4 ounces or less and must be placed in plastic bags or transparent cases.

There are some exceptions like medically necessary fluids like insulin or baby formula.

3. Batteries

We know that for some electronic devices batteries are essential, we suggest you pack them perfectly in the luggage you are going to document, for no reason should you take them in which will be checked, if you do not want to delay your boarding.

4. Lighters and Matches

You can pack regular lighters and matchboxes, but you cannot carry them in your checked luggage.

5. Knitting Needles

If you like knitting to make the trip less stressful, the good news is that you can take your needles and yarn with you to carry out your knitting, the only thing you cannot take with you are scissors or some other material that contains a hidden blade such as cutter.

6. Gifts

You can carry wrapped gifts on board, as long as the content meets the security requirements, but you risk being asked to unwrap them as you go through the review arch.

That is why we advise you to take them unwrapped and, upon arrival at your destination, arrange them as you wish.

7. Electronic Devices

As long as they are smaller than a standard laptop, you can carry a mini laptop, tablet or cell phone onboard.

Larger gadgets like full-size laptops, game consoles, and DVD players cannot be taken with you.

Camcorders and videotapes will have to be out of their packaging and separated at the time of review.

8. Medications / Medication Tools

You can bring over-the-counter medications on board as long as you have a prescription. Likewise, Common Tools Used By a Doctor and products or belongings for people with disabilities can be carried in your hand luggage, but you will have to declare them when going through inspection.

9. Food and Baby Items

If a baby is travelling on the plane, it is allowed to carry pre-packaged breast milk, milk formulas, juices, bottled, canned or processed baby foods, as well as gel-filled teethers; all of this has to be declared before going on to review.

10. Jewellery

It is not an official requirement, but it is highly recommended that you carry jewellery, coins and other valuables with you in your hand luggage on board the plane, as long as they comply with safety regulations.

11. Roller Skates and Ice Skates

Oddly enough, ice skates are among the items you can take with you, as well as wheeled ones.

12. Skateboard

You cant take a skateboard on board unless it fits in the top compartment, you can take it with you on board.

13. Fishing Rods

You are allowed to carry your fishing rods with you; The same does not happen with hooks and hooks, these must be documented.

It is not superfluous that you previously consult with the airline about the measures or dimensions of the compartments so that you do not have problems when dealing with this fishing implementation.

14. Musical Instruments

Violins, guitars and other musical instruments can be carried on the plane since 2012 without causing an extra charge; the condition is that they fit in the upper compartment.

15. Camping Stoves

Oddly enough, this accessory also has the flexibility to be carried in onboard luggage; However, it must be perfectly free of propane gas, so you should clean it before your trip so that the smell is not so intense.

16. Cremated Remains

If you have to travel with the cremated remains of a loved one, these will have to be carried in a wooden or plastic container, either in your hands or in a small suitcase.

17. Adult Toys

If an erotic encounter is included in your vacation plans, you can carry your sex toys in your hand luggage.

18. Auto Parts

If you are engaged in mechanics, or on request you have to transport auto parts like an engine, this should go without traces of fuel, but we suggest you check with the airline beforehand.

19. Food

If you are one of those who does not like the food on the plane, you can take almost any type of prepared food with you, including perfectly packed cereals, seafood and whole eggs.

Unfortunately, the same is not the case with canned soups, they are not allowed unless you find a presentation of fewer than 3.4 ounces.

20. Home Appliances

Like most sports objects or musical instruments, you can carry them in the upper compartment of your seat. The only restriction is with the blenders since these must not carry the blades.

21. Corkscrew

Although you will not need one of these objects on board the plane, it is allowed to carry them without the blade.

22. Ice

If you plan to ice board, you can do it as long as it is completely frozen and if it starts to melt, you should follow the rule for liquids not to exceed 3.4 ounces.

List of Things You Must Document

1. Sharp Objects

Objects such as kitchen knives, scissors, cutters, razor blades, spikes, axes and scissors are more than 4 inches.

2. Sports Objects

With the exception of balls or balls, all objects or sports equipment must be documented in your luggage.

3. Personal Defence Items

Safety aerosols such as pepper spray, other items such as golf clubs, blackjacks, or striking tools such as mallets, brass knuckles, kubbotans, and other martial arts weapons may not be carried with you onboard the aircraft.

4. Glass Spheres or Snowballs

No matter the size, these souvenirs will not allow you to carry them in your hand luggage. The most recommendable thing is to pack them perfectly and document them.

5. Shoe Inserts

If you have gel inserts or insoles in your shoes, you should remove them before travelling and document them in your luggage.

6. Candles

You can take aromatic or gel candles with you, but if they are made with other equivalent materials, they must be documented.

7. Alcoholic Beverages

We know that, on a trip abroad, a bottle of tequila turns out to be a good gift for our host or to taste for pure pleasure; Also when returning it is always pleasant to bring a good liquor from the place of origin that we have visited.

The good news is that you can document up to 5 litres of these drinks in well-sealed bottles or jars, as long as they don’t exceed 70% alcohol.

8. Weapons

If you carry firearms like pistols, they must be unloaded and perfectly packed in the suitcase to be documented.

Compressed air, starter, or pellet guns must also be reported, but you must report when checking in at the airline and ask about specific regulations.

9. Foam Toy Swords

Although they are harmless because they are made of foam, you cannot take them with you on board.

List of Things/Objects You Should Leave at Home

1. Chemicals

Products such as bleach, chlorine, spillable batteries, spray paints, tear gas, and fire extinguishers are considered very dangerous materials, so you will not be allowed to travel with them for any reason.

2. Fireworks

We know that for fireworks fans it is almost essential to celebrate the new year with rockets or sparklers.

If this is your case, you will have to buy them once you reach your destination, as these explosive materials (dynamite or replicas) are prohibited on the plane.

3. Flammable items

Spare parts for lighters, fuels, gasoline, aerosol cans (exceeding 3.4 ounces allowed for personal hygiene), flammable paints, paint thinners and toner cannot be brought onto the plane.

These are the main restrictions of the objects that you can take on board an aeroplane. Take it into consideration, as well as the other requirements regarding the weight that you are allowed to carry so that you have a pleasant and smooth trip at the time of your departure … Have a good trip!