Road Traffic Signs in Nigeria With Their Meaning


Road signs in Nigeria do not only point directions to the motorist but also ensure both the safety of Pedestrians and Motorists when adhered to.

It’s a pity that a larger number of Nigerian motorists and drivers do not attend a driving school where the ropes and knowledge of traffic rules, regulations, and signs are taught. No wonder, there is a continuous loss of life and properties as a result of rampant road traffic accidents.

In this article, you will learn about some of the common road signs in Nigeria with their meaning. This will go a long way in preventing your vehicle from being impounded, fined, and reduces damages to lives and properties. Road Traffic Signs in Nigeria are quite important as no ignorance will be excused so far you are a motorist or driver.

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Before delving into the examples of Road traffic signs with their meanings, here’s a quick overview of different types of Road signs in Nigeria

  • Regulatory Signs – these are signs that regulate traffic and give instructions. They can either be Probihitive or even mandatory.
  • Warning Signs – These warn pedestrians or motorists of events or things ahead. For example, the Bump ahead signs. It usually appears as triangular red shapes.
  • Informative Signs – this guides and inform the motorist about the surroundings. For example, the direction arrows.

20 Common Traffic Signs and Meanings

Below are the common Road signs in Nigeria with their meanings

1. PED Xing or Pedestrians Crossing Sign


PED Xing is one of the road signs in Nigeria that is confusing to most motorists especially when represented by “PED Xing” alone with no pictorial illustration. It is mostly placed near a Zebra crossings.

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2. Men at Work

Men at Work road sign is a temporary and warning sign used to inform drivers and motorists to slow down and anticipate men working on the road. It’s usually in Orange or Yellow color which mostly visible and easily seen. It can be also accompanied by other warning signs including “road work ahead”, and others.

3. Bump Ahead


Bump ahead is also one of the common warning road signs in Nigeria. It mostly warns drivers and motorists to reduce their speeds. Some of the places this road sign can be found have bumps or rough surfaces ahead of which drivers need to be aware of to prevent accidents.

4. No Overtaking

No Overtaking is another road traffic sign that warns motorists or drivers it’s too dangerous to overtake vehicles at a certain point. Most times, it is either the road is too thin or narrow, Bends road which is unsafe to overtake.

5. Narrow Bridge Ahead

Narrow Bridge Ahead can be placed or accompanied by the No Overtaking. It is used mainly to caution drivers to reduce their speeds and also avoid overtaking.

6. No Stopping/Parking/Waiting


This traffic road sign is mostly used in front of official buildings like banks, offices, and even roads where parking or stopping of a car could hinder activities or causes harm. If this sign is placed on a road or before banks or offices, you are not expected to stop for seconds or even minutes.

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7. Do Not Enter/ No Entry


No Entry sign means no car or vehicle is allowed to where the sign is placed. And mostly it is at the end of the road leading to another or junctions.

8. Keep Right

Keep Right sign is simply just an arrow informing drivers or motorists to keep to the right of a 2- way road. Not doing so means you are violating the traffic rules and regulations.

9. Keep Left

Keep left sign is similar to the Keep right sign but just that it serves the opposite function of it. If Keep left sign is placed on a 2-way road, you are expected to maintain the left side on the road.

10. Speed Limit


This is also one of the common road signs in Nigeria that control and inform drivers to reduce their speed. It can be found in highways, school areas, and residential areas. Depending on the area, it may maybe miles/hr for residences and 65 or 55 miles/hr for highways.

11. Stop Sign


The stop sign is quite different in pictorial representation from other road signs in Nigeria. It is the only one with an Octagon shape and red as it is a top safety sign which must be adhered to. It is used when the end of the road is non-existent or unsafe.

12. Tield Sign


It serves a similar role to Stop signs but is used in less risky or harmful circumstances. It is mostly found in cross streets, intersections that allow pedestrians(with Pedestrians Crossing sign), and drivers to go about their activities safely.

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13. Y-Junction

This is an informative road sign in Nigeria that shows there is a junction ahead and 3 roads at that.

14. Roundabout

Anywhere you see this sign, it means a roundabout is around the corner or ahead.

15. Hospital


It shows a hospital is around the area or indicates a hospital building.

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16. Filling Stations

A sign indicating filling station.

17. Pass Either Way

Pass Either way is a road sign that indicates drivers or motorists can pass the available roads to reach the same destinations.

18. No U-turn

These road traffic signs indicate that no driver or motorist is expected to make a U-turn anywhere it’s placed. It is placed mostly on a busy road, junctions, or intersections.

19. Pedestrians Track

This traffic road signs show that the road is only for a those walking and no drivers or motorist is expected to pass there

20. T-Junction

This is an informative road sign which is indicating two roads join at right angles to form T.

While there are many other road signs in Nigeria, we have only explored 20 out of them. We advise you to check your traffic rules and regulations handbook to become familiar with them. This will go a long in protecting you from troubles. We hope you find our list of Nigerian road traffic signs helpful.


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