5 Makeup Mistakes to NEVER commit! Check Them Out

It is difficult, almost rare, to find a woman who does not use cosmetics, and there are some terrible makeup mistakes that come in, whether it is to moisturize the skin or even cover those unwanted marques, such products live marking our daily presence.

However, as much as you are already very accustomed to this universe, it is essential to know that every girl runs the risk of making some makeup mistakes.

In some cases, these flaws are so small that they go unnoticed by us. And when not identified quickly, they can cause a lot of damage, ranging from compromising the duration of makeup to making our skin age faster.

Ever wonder? Yeah! As we do not want – by any means – that you go through something similar, we brought to today’s post what are the most common mistakes in makeup and how to dribble each one of them.

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Makeup Mistakes # 1: Do not get around your mouth while applying lipstick

If there is an in-dis-pensive product in our supply, it is the lipstick. Friend for all hours, this cosmetic has the power to give an “up” in the visual, besides helping to hydrate the lips, leaving the region soft and away from the flared cracks.

Lipstick is so prevalent in our society; it seems we were born knowing how to apply it, right? However, what many vain girls still do not know is that according to the product version, you need to take some primary care.

This is the case with liquid lipsticks. Because they are very creamy, they are more likely to run into the corners of the mouth, making them look “erased.”

Ending the problem at once

But nothing to disbelieve! To escape this scenario, just bet on two little secrets. The first is always prefer the matte effect lipsticks, which are usually drier. The second is to pass a contour pencil (of the same shade of the lipstick) around the lips. This care will help to “hold” the product, preventing it from spreading. Easy easy!

Makeup Mistakes # 2: Eye Pulling While Doing the Kitten Outline

This is one of the classic makeup mistakes – and you probably already did it! The kitten outline is one of the most coveted makeup styles by the female audience. With him, we have been able to show our eyes and make him look more charming.

But since they are not all flowers, this technique is somewhat complicated to do, even though it seems super simple. And to facilitate the whole process, some girls end up making a typical mistake, which is to “pull” the corner of the eye when applying the eyeliner.

Do not do that, see? Unlike what it seems, this trick will only disrupt the entire production, as it stretches the skin, the shape of your eye will be distorted. As a result, you increase (and a lot!) The chances of making the long-drawn kitten eye look crooked, flickering, and full of flaws. In other words, a catastrophe!

The best way to put together a neat look is to stay close to the mirror and train your path every day. Take advantage of the following steps:

  • With the tip of the brush, make a very light mark in the center of the eye. This “point” will serve to stipulate what the thickness of the trace will be;
  • Then pull the trace from the outside in, always following the height of your initial marking;
  • If you feel the need, fill in the nooks that have been “blank”;
  • Are you still insecure? So, consider sketching with the eyeliner, then finalize the make with the eyeliner.

Makeup Mistakes # 3: Applying Brightness to Wrong Spots

Shine on the make is right and everyone likes it. Even have to speak here on the blog about the success of clothes and glossy makeup, is to enjoy one ballad or go to work carrying a more relaxed and neat production.

However, applying glossy products with glitter or gloss on some regions of the face can make some features – which you do not like – become even more evident.

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Do you want to see it? If the pores of your face are very dilated and the lines of expression well marked, the tip is to avoid the use of illuminator or shadows with glitter in the most critical areas.

Instead, prefer to invest in matte products, leaving the bright options only for the inner eye area, the tip of the nose or cheekbones.

Makeup Mistakes # 4: Exaggerate in black pencil

One of the significant makeup mistakes is to use the eyeliner exaggeratedly. We are already tired of knowing: this product is excellent to value the look, even more, among the girls who have the most prominent eyes.

Depending on the way it is applied, the pencil can also disguise specific points or make our eyes more mysterious and sensual. Uh-ha-ha!

However, when used exaggeratedly, this miraculous product can cause the region to become overpowered or look tired and aged, which we know so well.

In some situations, the cosmetic is still able to trickle down the eyes – very close to the dark circles – giving us the impression that we look much older than we are.

The simplest, most practical, and effective way to prevent this from happening is to bet on waterproof pencil skins.

You can also follow another neat trick, which is to pass a little bit of compact powder over the pencil to make the stroke last longer.

Makeup Mistakes # 5: Use Curl After Mascara 

At some point in your life, you’ve used the eyelash after the mascara although this practice is quite common among girls.


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