The 20 Most Populous Cities In The World – 2021 Updated

What are the most populous cities in the world? The 20 most populous cities in the world are those with the highest absolute number of inhabitants when compared to other cities on the globe.

In this way, they are correctly called populous. The term populous differs from the term populated since the first is synonymous with absolute population, and the second, relative population.

In addition, these cities fall under the concept of megacities, that is, urban groupings with more than 10 million inhabitants. Most of these large cities are located in Asia.

These urban groupings are made up of populations with more than two million inhabitants.

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Difference between populous and populated

The terms populous and populated are widely used in studies of population geography. They have different meanings and are applied differently according to the objective of each population study.

In the case of the populous term, it refers to the total number of inhabitants of a city, state or country. Thus, it must be used as a synonym for absolute population, that is, the total number of inhabitants.

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The most populous city in the world, the one with the highest absolute population, is Tokyo (Japan), with about 37.843 billion inhabitants.

The term populated refers to the total number of inhabitants in relation to the area occupied by this population. Therefore, the population corresponds to the relative population, that is, the total number of inhabitants divided by the area of ​​a country, state or region.

A relative population can also be called population density. The reference unit of the relative population is the inhabitant per square kilometer (inhab./km 2).

Without further ado, let us go straight to the main topic of the day, below is the list of the most populous cities in the world 2021.

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List Of The 20 Most Populous Cities In The World

TokyoJapan37,843,000 inhabitants
JakartaIndonesia30,539,000 inhabitants
DelhiIndia24,998,000 inhabitants
ManilaPhilippines24,123,000 inhabitants
SeoulSouth Korea23,480,000 inhabitants
ShanghaiChina23,416,000 inhabitants
KarachiPakistan22,123,000 inhabitants
BeijingChina21,009,000 inhabitants
New YorkUnited States20,630,000 inhabitants
GuangzhouChina20,597,000 inhabitants
Sao PauloBrazil20,365,000 inhabitants
Mexico CityMexico20,063,000 inhabitants
MumbaiIndia17,712,000 inhabitants
OsakaJapan17,444,000 inhabitants
MoscowRussia16,170,000 inhabitants
DhakaBangladesh15,669,000 inhabitants
CairoEgypt15,600,000 inhabitants
Los AngelesUnited States15,058,000 inhabitants
BangkokThailand14,998,000 inhabitants
CalcuttaIndia14,667,000 inhabitants

The 20 most populous cities in the world, that is, the cities with the highest absolute number of inhabitants, as you can see are located on four continents of the globe (America, Africa, Asia and Europe), but the majority are concentrated in Asia, the continent with more population of the globe and that has the highest concentration of megacitie.

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The above survey, carried out by means of local demographic surveys, uses the population counting of the municipality, as well as its metropolitan area, as a methodology, due to the high urban integration in these regions.

The totality of cities shown in the table are megacities, whose populations exceed 10 million inhabitants, the largest of which is the city of Tokyo, located in Japan, on the Asian continent, which has about 37,843,000 inhabitants.

Tokyo has bee n in the position of the largest city in the world by population for years, this has been maintained and no doubt the development pace in Tokyo is excellent.

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