Discover The 10 Most Visited Cities In The World [Updated]

What are the most visited cities in the world? The report by the strategic research firm Euromonitor International brings the 100 cities that received the most foreigners in 2019, in addition to analyzes of tourism trends for each region of the planet.

Prepared annually, the Top 100 City Destinations Ranking considers the 100 cities that received the most foreign visitors with a minimum stay of 24 hours. Check out!


1. Hong Kong

Not even the recent protests have been able to decrease the number of visitors to Hong Kong. Figurine-stamped at the top of the ranking, Hong Kong was elected for the 10th consecutive year as the most visited city in the world!

With more than 50% of tourists coming from China, the city-state is one of the preferred shopping destinations in Asia, although there is much more to do. With mountainous landscapes, trails, paradisiacal (and still unknown) beaches, the city has been attracting more visitors interested in its nature, a little-publicized side of the most visited city in the world.

2. Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is far from the beaches that made the country famous, but it serves as a gateway to them and many other attractions. Bangkok surprises with its Buddhist temples, modern shopping malls, exotic culture and countless inexpensive entertainment options, even with the recent appreciation of the currency, all these placed Bangkok on the list of the most visited cities in the world.

The city benefits from its strategic location, receiving many visitors from India and China. In addition to the regional potential, the city is a reference for Europeans and Americans, also attracting more and more countries, who do not need a visa for Thailand for up to 90 days!

3. London

The capital of England and the United Kingdom never loses its charm. Despite all the complications of Brexit and uncertainties regarding immigration restrictions, London is still one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

Vibrant, modern, elegant, busy, rich in culture and entertainment options, the seat of the British monarchy is home to Big Ben and so many other famous postcards, such as the Tower of London Bridge, Buckingham Palace; Westminster Abbey, and several interesting museums.

4. Macau

The last European colony in Asia, Macau was under Portuguese rule until 1999, when it finally returned to Chinese sovereignty. Since then, it has been experiencing growth in the economy and tourism, led by the casino industry that already makes Macau internationally recognized as “the Las Vegas of the East”.

The proximity to Hong Kong also helps. Macau is accessible to just over 50 minutes by ferry boat, making it a great day trip.

5. Singapore

A giant in a small space. Modern and dynamic, Singapore is a city-state and one of the Asian Tigers. Safe, super clean and with perfectionist airs, the city constantly reinvents itself and is often an example for other nations. The growth of regional tourism and the cruise sector push the destination to the top positions of the most visited cities of the world – and should continue to do so for years to come.

6. Paris

The French capital will be the first to benefit from possible changes to Brexit, which is likely to decrease the number of tourists in London. The opportunities will be not only for leisure tourism but also for corporate.

Meanwhile, Paris has been improving its security protocols and investing in advertising campaigns to attract American millennials. With Europe’s most expensive hotel rates, the city is starting to see the demand for cheap accommodation growing, with the exponential increase in short-term rentals on Airbnb.

Despite the optimism, Paris reversed its predictions of receiving 100 million visitors in 2020, preferring to think ahead: the 2024 Olympic Games.

7. Dubai

Dubai continues to top the list of most visited cities in the Middle East, with new visa policies that have helped to increase the number of visitors. An integral part of the United Arab Emirates, the city recently suspended the project for the world’s largest airport due to economic instability. Still, this is one of the most popular and desired destinations in the world.

8. New York

The most populous city in the United States is the scene of hundreds of films and a destination capable of pleasing the most different types of visitors. Despite visa restrictions and anti-immigration policies, the impact on the number of tourists was minimal. The city aims to receive 67 million visitors in 2021.

With the current diplomatic tensions between the USA and China, it is possible that the huge contingent of Chinese tourists will diminish. The supply of low-cost accommodation has grown rapidly in recent years but has faced challenges in staying within the law.

9. Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital may sound like a “stranger in the nest”, but its position is justified by the connectivity of its airport – an important hub in the region. In addition, Malaysia has distinguished neighbors in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore and Thailand, that help brings tourists, even during a stopover.

With a Muslim majority, Malaysia also facilitates the entry of visitors from “unwanted” countries, such as Iran and Pakistan, attracting tourists with passports considered weak and who would have difficulty visiting other destinations.

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10. Istanbul

Lastly on the list of the most visited cities in the world is Istanbul. Turkey’s largest city is a consolidated tourist destination that charms travelers from all over the world with its rich culture and quality attractions. In 2019 Istanbul marks its return to the Top 10, after political and security instabilities that have affected its performance in recent years.

With the improvement in security and the devaluation of the currency, the eyes of world tourism have turned to Istanbul again. Its proximity to Europe means that more than 70% of visitors come from the continent. The opening of the new airport in 2018, one of the largest in the world, aims to expand this number even further.


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