My Woman Did Abortion 3 Times With Another Guy – Should I Still Marry Her?

How the Woman I Wanted to Marry Did Abortion 3 Times For Another Person While we are still together:

Heartbreak used to be like every other simple word in the English Language as far as I’m concerned, not until I was betrayed of trust by the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Four years ago, I met with a very beautiful young lady, so agile, smart and productive.

I was caught up with emotions the very time I set my eye on her. I decided to move closer and make her my friend. Eventually, we became lovers after I finally open up to her of my intentions.

However, getting her approval of me becoming her man was never that easy, she put me through a lot of tests before accepting to love me in return.

Our love becomes stronger and suddenly after two years of friendship, we began to talk about how our wedding will look like.

Already the two families were well informed about our affection for each other, and everyone is already waiting for us to bring up a date to make things right.

Meanwhile, I was about rounding up my studies in the Higher Institution at this time, just a couple of months then we get married if things go well.

Sadly, some mysteries began to unveil itself after I visited her place a certain day after I had already finished with my studies.

Just a few minutes after my arrival at her house, she received a call by a guy she has once introduced to me as her friend and Church choir member. A few moments after the call, the guy arrives at the house, and before I knew it, her attention was already divided.

However, unsuspicious me, I was doing my things smiling and pressing my phone, surfing the net.

Well, she introduced him again to me for the very first time in the physical and we exchange greetings.

At this time, when I saw that she was giving him much attention than to me, my mind began to spark inside. Well the kind of love I have for her could not allow me to react with anger.

To shock you, my woman sat on his lap and was asking me to take shots from his mobile phone. Hmmm! I know you must be feeling sorry for me this time. Well, I obliged, I took shots of two of them from different styles with my heart already burning.

I never say anything until the guy left, because I was to sleep at her house that day coming from a different location.

I swallowed my anger and pride, kept mute as if nothing happened.

A couple of months after I had left her place to my base, she phoned me and was crying. I was wondering what the problem was, but she kept on crying and weeping bitterly.

I persuaded her to tell me what the problem is, to my surprise, she asked me to let go of the relationship between us. I asked why and she replied that she doesn’t deserve a man like me. That she had ruined her life with untruthfulness, noting that she had never met a man as gentle, trustworthy and enduring like me in her lifetime. That I should just let her bear the pains and go on with my life with someone else.

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Now, at this junction, I was already shedding tears even before knowing what she had done to her self.

She eventually confessed to me that the guy that visited her on the day I came had injected her trying to abort what she was carrying in her womb which belongs to him.

God so good, she couldn’t put it on me, because we never had intercourse. I was pained with the development and hanged off the phone.

After some times, when I noticed that she was serious, I try to get over it and forgive her because of the love I have for her. But to my shock, she opened up to me that the last abortion he did for her happens to be the third one, all owned by him.

At this time, I already became weak and almost fainting. I asked for reasons why she would have allowed such a terrible thing to happen when she already know my intention of marrying her.

Funny enough, one of her reasons was that I was too far from her, that he had been the one close and helping her emotions and otherwise.

Another reason I picked from her statement is that she was also afraid that I might be having an affair with some ladies at School.

This whole thing blew my mind up and I almost fainted and develop some health challenge due to this.

This is the woman I had loved all my life. I never for once double dated because of the distance between us. But my woman rewarded me with these.

Well, she pleaded guilty and cried for forgiveness, and of a cause, I did forgive her. Now I still love her, though she wants us to split.

What is your advice? Should I go on with the relationship? Do you think she will not continue having an affair with the guy again behind my back?

Please your advice is needed in the comment box below, To help a friend who shared his life story.


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