Negative Effects Of Junk Food Nigerians often Neglect

Junk foods also known to be fast foods or snack food are foods consumed for convenience. They are rich in calories, fats carbohydrates, and sugars but very poor in fibers and other nutrients.  People incessantly consume these foods in very large quantities.  

Junks are found everywhere in the world looking very appealing to the eyes they could make one salivate at their sight. These foods are quite enjoyable but of very little nutritional value and are very unhealthy for the body. These foods are high in protein content like meat prepared with saturated fats. Unfortunately, when these foods are extracted from their fats they taste rather horrible.

It is actually not an ill-thought to have a taste of these foods once in a while but the problem is that these foods do not satiate. This keeps one on a quest for satisfaction and may however lead to incessant cravings for them. This is a precursor to junk addiction.

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Negative Effects of Junk Food

Excessive intake of junks, especially in children, results in several negative health conditions such as obesity, depression, diabetes, chronic illness,  reduction in the ability to partake in extracurricular activities and cardiovascular diseases which may be a result of obesity. 


They could also lead to malnutrition since many people substitute normal meals for junks like hams, candy bakery goods, soft drinks, and candies. The excess fats and carbohydrate contents in junks lead to these numerous diseases. Eating junks could also affect one’s eating habits.

Cholesterol Level

Those who eat junks as a regular diet consume more fats, sugar, carbohydrates and fewer fibers than those who do not eat these regularly. The body’s cholesterol level becomes elevated as a result of the increased sugar level in the soft drinks and other junks. Incessant increase in the sugar levels introduces diabetes.

Hormonal and Emotional

A healthy diet plays a very important role in teenagers as they are very susceptible to behavioral swings. Diets high in junks fall short of the term ‘healthy diet’ and excess consumption of this leads to depression.

Electrolyte Level:

Junk foods are also capable of increasing the body’s sodium level since it consists of high amounts of salt. This can also be a major precursor for heart, liver and kidney diseases.  Too much sodium in the body could also increase the blood pressure and lead to stroke.


It has been observed that junks that can cause tooth decay such as sugary sweets and candies increase the chances of breaking down the protective coating on the teeth, attacking the enamel and leads to tooth decay.


You can totally avoid junk addictions or incessant craving by sticking strictly to healthy diets. Eating real diets is absolutely the answer to stop junk cravings. There are however some fast foods that are not junks such as commercial salads,  fruit juices, sports juices, and wheat meals.


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