Nigerian Banks SWIFT Codes: Updated List

What is my bank Swift code? In today’s article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all Nigerian banks’ Swift codes, receiving money from abroad or sending abroad might be difficult most times without these codes.

If you have ever sent money internationally, it is likely that you have been required to provide a SWIFT or BIC code to tell the bank or the transfer service where you wanted to send the money.

These codes were created in order to increase security when making international money transfers. They serve to eradicate errors, reduce waiting times and avoid additional costs.

Some have it noted down but couldn’t find it while some don’t even know what a Swift code is and this is the reason why we have taken our time to create an archive for you to always check on.

Having your bank Swift code is very important mostly if you are into ICT or do any form of digital jobs or freelancing, to receive your money from big brands like Fiverr, UpWork, Amazon Affiliate, Freelancer and Even advert companies like Google Adsense requires you to have a Domiciliary account and here you will definitely need a Swift code.

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As an ICT savvy person, blogger or freelancer you must have come across this and ask yourself many questions like; how can I get my bank Sift code? What is the swift code of a bank account? Do Nigerian banks have Swift codes? and many more.

Here today you will definitely see the Swift codes for all Nigerian banks and Yes Nigerian banks all have Swift codes.

Before we list Nigerian banks Swift codes we will like to first let you know what Swift codes actually mean.

What is a Swift Code?

“SWIFT” is the acronym for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication” to give a name to the identification code of an international transaction. It is also known as “BIC” for its acronym in English “Bank Identifier Code”.

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In both cases, it refers to the unique code that gives the specific identification of each of the credit or banking entities that exist in the world.

A SWIFT or BIC consists of between 8 and 11 characters used to identify a specific bank in an international transaction, all with the idea of ​​making sure that the money you transfer is received by the correct recipient.

What does a SWIFT look like?

SWIFT codes or BIC codes are organized like this:

  • AAAABBCCDDD “, where:
  • “AAAA”. It is the bank code with the first 4 characters.
  • “BB”. It is the country code and is represented by the following 2 characters.
  • “DC”. This is the 2-character location code.
  • “DDD”. Finally, it is the 3 character codes that are optional. In case they do not appear in the code, it is understood that they represent the main office of the entity.

What is Swift Codes used for?

  • The bank SWIFT Code is used to send money abroad or receive money into your bank account from other countries.
  • It serves as a way of identifying a transaction and bank it is made to internationally.
  • A SWIFT code is used by some banks to send messages to other banks that are not in the same country.
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Full List Of Nigerian Banks SWIFT Codes

Bank Names (Head Offices)Swift Codes/BIC
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)CBNINGLA
First City Monument Bank PLC (FCMB)FCMBNGLA
First Bank Nigeria Limited (FBN)FBNINGLA
Skye Bank Swift CodePRDTNGLA
Union Bank of Nigeria PLCUBNINGLA
United Bank of Africa (UBA)UNAFNGLA
Citibank Nigeria LimitedCITINGLA
Ecobank Nigeria PLCECOCNGLA
Heritage Bank LimitedHBCLNGLA
Keystone Bank LimitedPLNINGLA
KUDA Bank (Payoneer)KUDANGBA234
Standard Chartered BankSCBLNGLA
Suntrust Bank Nigeria LimitedSUTGNGLA
Coronation Merchant BankADHLNGLA
Rand Merchant BankFIRNNGLA
Jaiz Bank LimitedJAIZNGLA
Zenith Bank PlcZEIBNGLA


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