Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure, Ranks, and Recruitment Process

Nigerian Customs service salary structure is similar to that of the Nigerian immigration force and police worker. This is because they use the same salary scale which is the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

Are you interested in joining the Nigerian Customs Service? This guide contains all the information you need including the Nigerian customs service salary structure, ranks, history, and selection requirements.

Nigerian Customs Service History

The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) is one of the highest-paying para-military organizations in Nigeria. The para-military organization was established during the British colonial administration in 1891.

Since then it has been restructured to combat smuggling while enforcing importation rules and regulations. Also, NCS helps in generating revenue for the government while overseeing goods going in and out of the country.

The organization which is under the control of the ministry of finance helps to checkmates and strengthen Nigeria international trading. Collection of customs revenues, taxes, levies, and other fees is part of their responsibilities. Below are some of their roles and responsibilities.

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Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure, Ranks, and Recruitment Process
Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure and Ranks

Roles and Responsibilities of the Nigerian Customs Service

1. Generation of revenue for taxes, levies, and other Excise duties for the federal government

2. Promoting and regulating International and foreign exchange.

3. Overseeing borders and security function

4. Preventing Smuggling and illegal trading

5. Licensing, registering, and regulating of custom agents

6. Designing and Implementing new Fiscal policies

7. Collaboration with other Border and Port workers.

List of Nigerian Customs Service Ranks

The Nigerian Customs service salary structure is based on the ranks and years of service. Thus, it is important for people who are thinking of joining the organization to know their different ranks.

There are 6 departments in the Nigerian Customs Service which are all headed by the Comptroller General of the organization. Furthermore, the Comptroller General is the one who oversees the activities of this organization as well as the decision-making process.

Below is the list of the department in the organization

  • Excise and industrial incentives.
  • Technical Services
  • Enforcement and drugs.
  • Investigation and Inspection
  • Finance, Administration, and Tariff and Trade.
  • Economic Relating Research and planning.

While the above-mentioned department is directly headed b 6 Deputy Comptroller Generals. They are the second-in-command and report directly to the Comptroller General.

Each Deputy Comptroller also has at least two Assistant Comptroller General who monitor different units in the department. Below is the list of the Nigerian Customs service Ranks in ascending order (from the lowest to highest).

  • Customs Assistant
  • Assistant Inspector of Customs
  • Inspector of Customs
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs II
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs I
  • Deputy Superintendent Customs Officer
  • Chief Superintendent Customs Officer
  • Assistant Comptroller
  • Deputy Comptroller
  • Comptroller
  • Assistant Comptroller-Generals
  • Deputy Comptroller-Generals
  • Comptroller-General

Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure 

What is NCS’s salary? According to the Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure, the organization pays its workers according to their level and years of experience. This means that customs officers get paid according to their ranks.

Before the increase in the normal minimum wages, the lowest custom officer earn N27,779 with some benefits including N4000 allowances. An average worker of  Nigerian customs earns a salary of N75,000 monthly. This is excluding different allowances entitled to by the workers.

Customs Salary in Nigeria

Based on the Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure, below are the salary earned by customs officers annually

  • Comptroller General earns between ₦2,870,000 – ₦2,500,000
  • Deputy Comptroller General earns between₦2,570,000 – ₦2,480,000
  • Assistant Comptroller General earns between₦2,470,000 – ₦2,280,000
  • Comptrollers earns between ₦2,070,000 – ₦1,880,000
  • Deputy Comptrollers earns between ₦1,770,000 – ₦1,580,000
  • Assistant Comptrollers earns between ₦1,570,000 – ₦1,480,000
  • Chief Superintendent Customs Officer earns between ₦1,370,000 – ₦1,280,000
  • Deputy Superintendent Customs Officer earns between ₦1,270,000 – ₦1,180,000
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs I & II earns between ₦1,070,000 – ₦980,000
  • Inspector of Customs earns between ₦970,000 – ₦880,000
  • Assistant Inspector of Customs earns between₦870,000 – ₦780,000
  • Customs Assistant earns between ₦770,000 – ₦680,000


Like every other government agency, Nigerian customs service officers are entitled to the different allowances. Some of which are specific while some are general. Find below the list of the different allowances enjoyed by the customs officer.

  • General Services allowance
  • Hazard allowance
  • Utility allowance
  • Detective allowance
  • Uniform maintenance allowance
  • Furniture allowance
  • House maintenance allowance
  • Personal Servant
  • Torchlight allowance
  • Hardiness allowance
  • Plain-Cloth allowance

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Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment

Recruitment into the para-military agency is usually done annually and it is very competitive. Even though the salary offered is good, a lot of people applying do so not only because of the salary and allowances.

Corrupt customs officers are known for earning unlawfully which is frowned upon by the organization. It is also a rumor that many candidates are selected with the connection.

These are part of the challenges you may face as a candidate who wants to join the Nigerian customs service. Here are the requirements you must meet to apply for the Nigerian customs service form.

You must be;

  1. A citizen of Nigeria whether by birth or any means
  2. Have a state of origin certificate which is duly signed by your Local Government chairman or secretary
  3. Height of nothing less than 1.64 meters for female and 1.7 meters for male
  4. If male, chest measurement of nothing less than 0.87
  5. Be physically and mentally fit for training with certification from a Government hospital
  6. Free of any disability either physically or mentally
  7. Good behavior and character (i.e free of from any criminal offense or charges)
  8. Free from loans debt and any financial embarrassment

If you need more information concerning Nigerian customs service recruitment, you can visit their recruitment website:

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