How To Perform Cardless Withdrawal on Zenith Bank ATM

In this article, we will be showing you how to Perform Cardless Withdrawal on Zenith Bank ATM. There are countless times you will want to withdraw but because you aren’t with your ATM card, you will have to forgo it. This can be painful but it doesn’t have to be again.

With the new Cardless withdrawal policy, you can now achieve that; withdraw from the ATM Station without your debit card.

What is Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal?

This is the term used for getting cash from the ATM without your ATM Card/debit card. It’s also referred to as the “Cash On The Go”(COTG). To get money from the ATM without your ATM Card, you need to perform the operation on a Quickteller-enabled ATM.

Fortunately, virtually all of the Zenith Bank ATMs is enabled for the cardless transaction. So, let’s proceed with what you need to perform a Cardless withdrawal on the Zenith Bank ATM.

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What You Need To Perform Cardless Withdrawal on the ATM

  • The Cardless Withdrawal code(which will be explained later)
  • Your registered sim with the bank
  • Your mobile phone.

How To Perform Cardless Withdrawal on Zenith Bank ATM

After you have gathered the above-listed requirements. The next step is to get the code and learn how to withdraw money from the ATM without your debit card. Follow these steps to achieve that

1. Dial *966*60# on your mobile phone
2. Select the Cardless withdrawal option and enter the corresponding number to choose it.

3. Create your Cardless withdrawal code(ensure it’s something that is easy to remember)

4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw(Zenith bank Cardless withdrawal limit is N20,000)

5. After completing this, a reference code will be sent to you for withdrawal.

6. You can now proceed to the nearest ATM stand to withdraw without your ATM card.

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7. Input all the codes where necessary. Remember you will be required to input the Cardless withdrawal code you created with the reference number. That’s after selecting the cardless option on the ATM machine.

That’s how to perform a cardless withdrawal on the  ATM without a debit card. We hope you find the tips helpful.