How To Check Zenith Bank Token Number

Have you ever wondered how to get your Zenith bank token number? Maybe you saw a friend using it or you’re even in need of it to complete a transaction.

Below is a full guide on how to get your Zenith Bank Token number and codes, including how to check and activate it.

What is Zenith Bank Token Number all about?

With the increasing rate of hackers and internet fraudsters in this era, Zenith Bank sees the need to protect customers’ account details and transactions. Taking into consideration how disastrous it can be for the owner if not secured.

That is the major reason why Zenith Bank created token device hardware with numbers to safeguard customers’ transactions online.

Zenith Bank Token Number is a 6-digit code used to safeguard customers’ transactions when using Internet mobile banking. With the Zenith bank token code, no hacker can use your internet mobile app behind you. Interesting! So, how do you get the Zenith bank token number? Continue reading.

Before you can get or check your Zenith Bank token number, you need to register first with the bank for Internet mobile banking.

How To Get A Token Device Hardware

The token device hardware is a small device used to safeguard customers’ transactions. To get a Token Device Hardware, go to any branches of the Zenith bank and request the Internet banking application form.

After registering, you will be given the token device hardware where you can derive your token number. The token device is small and easy to lose. You need to be careful after getting it. We advise you to attach it to a key holder or any other object.

Once it isn’t lost, it can last up to more than 2 years. The more you used it, the more it will last longer. Contrary to many Zenith Bank Users’ opinions, who thought it is a waste of time. The following are the reason why you should apply for a Zenith bank token number.

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Why you should get a Zenith token Device?

Zenith bank token hardware helps to;

  • Tighten security while performing your online transaction. You can also deactivate easily in case of phone theft.

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  • Increase your daily limit transaction on the mobile app. With the Zenith token hardware device, you can perform up to 5000000 transactions a day. Unlike the mobile app limit which is 100,000 daily limits.
  • Makes changing of personal details like an E-mail address or phone on the app
  • It’s necessary for transactions like Remittal.

Now that you know the importance of a Zenith Bank Token hardware device, let’s explain how to activate it.

How To Activate Zenith Token Code

After you have gotten token device hardware from the nearest Zenith branch, you need to activate it before using it. Activate your Zenith bank token number through the following steps.

1. Click HERE to take you to the Zenith bank token code activation page.

2. After getting to the website, enter your 10 digit Zenith bank account number.

3. Click on the proceed button for a one-time password (OTP) to be sent to your phone number or E-mail address used in registering.

4. Enter the OTP sent to you in the provided space.

5. Bring out the Token hardware device you get from the bank, turn it upside down to view your 10 digit token number.

6. Input a 4 digit pin you wish to use which you can easily remember. (We advised you to use your ATM pin so you won’t forget it).

7. You are to put both token number and 4 digit pin side by side(like together) without any space or dash.

8. A confirmatory message will be displayed on the website to show it is successful.

Note: The token 10 digit number is specific to one number and can’t be exchanged for another Token device hardware. You need to keep yours safe!

Now that you have successfully activated it, you can now enjoy safe and secure seamless transactions on your internet mobile banking.

How To Use The Zenith Bank Token Number for Internet Banking

Follow these steps to start using your token number when banking online.

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1. Go to the Zenith Bank Internet banking page by going to

2. Select the pin and token option from the menu.

3. Enter 4 digit pin you created while registering.

4. Press the white button on your token device hardware to generate a new 6 digit token code.

5. Enter the token code generated where you put your 4 digit pin without leaving any spaces.

6. Then click on log in to see your internet banking dashboard.

Then you are done! Just start enjoying your internet banking app after logging in. We hope you find this guide on how to get your Zenith bank token number helpful.