3 Phrases That Always Starts Conflict In Any Relationship

Words are powerful! Do you know words can make or break a relationship? there are proven 3 Phrases That Always Starts Conflict In Any Relationship. would you like to find out what these phrases are? if yes then continue reading.

It is a popular belief that people need people. This is because humans are social beings and thrive through Interaction. Forming relationships is a primitive trait and no matter what, even if you are an introvert, you are bound to form at least one relationship throughout your lifetime. No one Man or Woman is ever completely shut-off from the rest of the entire world.

There can be some days when all we want is to be locked up in our rooms alone and just think about our lives, but you will have to come out sooner or later and talk about the thing you thought to someone. A relationship is one very fragile thing. Whether they are your best friends or whether it is your partner, there are certain things that you can not say to them or there might be unforeseen conflict.

 But, what? phrases That Always Starts Conflict In Any Relationship.  Why is there even any but in the first place? Honestly, if you disagree with something I said or if you disapprove of something I usually do, do not begin your statement in such a diplomatic way when you are just going to bring me down later on and the purpose would be defeated.

The fact is, it is nice to hear that the first part of the sentence and it is also fine to hear the second part of the sentence because it is alright to disagree with something about someone. However, hearing these two parts together in the form of one sentence may not be the right thing to say at the same time.

When you want to disagree with your partner, do not act diplomatically. Just say it like it is otherwise even if you are saying something for someone’s benefit, it will not be considered since you masked it in a way to show that you would be fine with it.

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2. It is Not My Job

Yes, we agree that is is not your job. You are absolutely and totally right! It really is not your job to help me carry all these over there and it most certainly is not your job to drive me over to the market, however, I am not asking you for a kidney or your first-born child. Besides I knew it was not your job before I asked your help.

Sometimes, even if you do not want to do something for someone, you need to tell it to them in a way that would not sound overly offensive. In fact, even saying that you are too tired would be acceptable. Sure the other person would insist for some time but there would reach a point where they would just realize that maybe you are really very tired.

If what they are asking is as small as the examples given, maybe you should do it but then again it is up to you and if you say no, it is your choice. Just do not be rude about it.

3. You Actually Look Nice

This sentence is obviously labeled in the “not under every circumstance” cabinet. However, sometimes and in some cases unknowingly, we might say this to someone we care about. If you know someone is rude and probably said it to hurt you, it does not hurt as bad since you sort of expected that from them but when a very close friend, a family member of your partner says that then it actually really hurts.

You probably did not mean it or even realize that you have said it but nevertheless, it stays in the other person’s heart and it might bring about some issues with insecurities.

Sometimes, we need to keep certain statements off-limits. This is not just so we would not hurt their feelings, it is so that your relationship would not be put to question.


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