Political Deception, The Maggot Eating Nigeria – APC, PDP As Case Study

Political Deception

The current challenges we are facing in Nigeria presently is nothing far from ‘Political Deception’.

The word corruption has appeared to be a common word to describe the country, but I put it to you that all that is currently happening in Nigeria is as a result of deception from the political roots.

Before I go on with how it began and why it was so, I have a question to ask? Why are we having hundreds of political party in Nigeria?

You see the truth is, Nigeria’s progress has been deterred unaware, and for long ago when the creation of multiple political was given a chance to be.

This has not only come to tear apart the political leaders but has also aroused corruption through deception, tribalism, religious flaws and many more.

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the current ruling party All Progressive Congress (APC) are the two major contending parties in the country, whereas other parties exist behind the scene. Despite having numbers of politic parties, challenges so far faced in the country can be traced to the two mentioned party above.

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The same set of people that initially rallied round in the old/former political parties are still the same people occupying the new top political parties in the country.

The same people keep deceiving the public decamping from either APC to PDP. What remained hidden to some people in this country is that many of those newly formed parties are created by the same leading parties, they are created to cause deception.

It is no news that when Presidential election draws close, you began to see that a whole party will say they have chosen to forsake the race and thereby decided to merge with one of the ruling party. Its total ‘Political Deception’. It’s all planned work from the beginning.

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Most of those parties are been sponsored from its creation by either of the two top parties and thereby use them to add to their numbers during the major election.

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Nigeria will continue to be massively deceived until we come to accept that we need no more than one or two political parties in the country.

If we have but only one political party, the vote of the masses will obviously decide who seats on the leadership seat. The Senate would not be divided as it is today, same with the House of reps and many other.

The choice will be that a party and a country decide her leader from within a party, which must be based on trust that he/she can make it better, even if the otherwise happens, such a person can be easily removed since its same party.

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But in a case where there are oppositions, decamping will continue to happen with the same set of individual forming saints and sheep, having destroyed the other side.

Political thuggery will be reduced to nothing, the only step to remove a no focussed leader will only require the masses to say yes to him or no, and a sitting from the senate which will eventually become the only existing caucus, to take a final decision on a candidate from a single party.

Having this single-party system will also curtail mouthwatering allowances received by both Senate and House of Representatives, as it will be only a house making decisions to favour the nation and its masses.

Candidates will no longer come in disguise with deception to rule in favour of his party, religion or to favour his clans.

The focus will be one. You messed up, you are out immediately.

Written by: Richard Ogunsile Joshua


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