Power Air Fryer: Best Air Fryer in Nigeria to Buy

The 5 Litre Power Air Fryer XL is the latest in fryer technology. Not only does this powerful air fryer make food taste more scrumptious but it also makes it healthier.

The Power Air Fryer XL is a countertop electric air fryer that allows you to cook with Turbo cyclonic air in place of oil. This powerful fryer uses circulating hot air with 7 multiple presets though you can manually adjust the temperature between 180° and 400°

If you want to try frying food without using so much oil, then the power Air fryer is great for you. It is one air fryer oven that promises to deliver a healthier cooking experience.

Uses Of The 5 Litre Power Air Fryer XL

This air fryer functions as a/an

  • Air fry Oven
  • Grill
  • Roaster
  • Baking Oven
  • Steamer
  • Sauté Pan

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Why Pick a 5 Litre Power Air Fryer XL Over Others?

Power Air Fryer
Power Air Fryer

Multiple Air Fryer Accessories

The 5 Litre Power Air Fryer XL comes with different air fryer accessories including skewers, fry baskets, rotisserie, and baking pans; so you can create a gamut of crispy foods like French fries, roast chicken, shrimp kabobs, lamb cutlets, chicken wings, and pork sausages.

For versatility during cooking, the Power Air Fryer XL comes with a baking tray with a lid for baking, an oil spray for grilling, and an air frying basket.

You can fry, bake, roast, and grill in a fraction of 1 to 59 minutes all at the same time using the basket divider.

Easy To Use Heating Elements

Made with easy-to-use digital control panel cooking varieties and a digital timer with very loud beeps. Though the fryer is easily flammable, there is an auto-shutoff feature so there is no cause for a fire alarm.

5 Litre Power Air Fryer Reduces Cooking Time

The air fryer is powerful and fast, not just because of the name but of the deliverables of the fryer.

Preheating does not take time and it finely collects grease in the lower tray. You can cook a whole chicken in the least time you can imagine and yet have a crispy brown crust. This is because the pans are fast to heat up and you can preset the fryer to the suitable meal type

Get To Use a Lesser Amount Of Oil With The Power Air Fryer

The best part about using this air fryer is that it uses very little oil as compared to most conventional ovens or deep fryers do. Yet, the results are just as crispy and crunchy as deep-fried food

You can now make delicious and healthier food without fussing about the calories or fat because you don’t need much oil for frying.

Plus, this also makes cleaning it easier than any other cooking method too.

Decent Capacity

An air fryer that allows you to cook 5 liters of food at home for yourself and your family is surely convenient. It has just one cooking zone fitting for a small family and a good pan size for most kitchens. The sizeable basket of the Power Air Fryer is best for making family portions.

The 5 Litre Power Air Fryer Is Relatively Cheap

Compared to the value offered by the fryer, the price is cheap.

Retain The Original Flavor Of Your Meals

This is an air fryer for heating frozen foods quickly without risking the flavor of your meal as you would have done with a microwave oven.

Bonus Points Of The 5 Litre Power Air Fryer

It comes with a Fried Favorites Recipe Cookbook which contains basic recipe guides for the experimental chef.

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Cons Of Using The 5 Litre Power Air Fryer

Although the juicy points of using the power air fryer are quite many, there are also some bad sides to it.

Faulty Heating Elements

The rotating function along with the rotating basket can be used to cook very hot meals. The cons here are that the basket may get stuck in the fryer and it is not very easy to remove.

You may also perceive a strong chemical smell once in full gear of air frying if the electric coil of the heating element overheats; which is not very healthy.

You Have To Keep Them Away From The Dishwasher

In opposition to the company’s claims, the 5 Litre Power Air Fryer does not have dishwasher-safe parts. You have to wash them manually else they won’t last long.

The Digital Cooking Timer Can Become Annoying With Its Loud Noise

Even when the buttons can be a plus point for staying alert, it can become a problem if you’re trying to get a rest, since it wouldn’t stop beeping. Both when presetting and turning off, that piercing beep is sure to come on.

Setting the cooking time of your 5 Litre Power Air Fryer is a chore on its own. The timer moves in minutes so you’d have to hold down the + button for a long while.

There is No Pause Button In The Air Fryer

Your fryer wouldn’t pause on its own except if you take out the frying basket or the machine turns off automatically. The basket is also not easy to fit in, so you’d be stuck trying to get your air fryer’s basket back in the right place.

The Power XL basket is in split terms – easy to take out, hard to put in; you need to angle the basket correctly when doing these.

Small Capacity

A 5-liter Power AirFryer XL would not be your choicest pick if you have a large family to feed. However, if you use the basket divider properly, you can cook up smaller portions of your family meal.

The Model Lacks Clear Functions

While the company claims that the power fryer has seven preset cooking functions, the roast and sauté icons are nowhere to be found on the control dial. The digital controls can be confusing as they are minimally placed. They are not also stated in the manual so probably, you’d have to set the temperature for each of those tasks.

Easily Shop For Your Power Air Fryer XL with Shopextv.com

Final Thoughts

Though the Power Air Fryer 5L has pretty good reviews and a few critical ones. It makes for perfection with the Turbo cyclonic air

This Turbo cyclonic air combines with an advanced high-temperature heat system that can be manually preset to cook meals faster than conventional fryers. It can cook an entire family meal with very little or no oil.

With its stylish design, easy cleanup, and numerous automatic functions, it is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. It’s time you replaced your old fryers in the kitchen and save up a lot of money by not having to use oil.

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