20 Major Rivers In Nigeria And Their Locations

What are the Major Rivers In Nigeria? Where are they located? Many people believe that rivers, like veins in the human body, have a significant part in shaping the landscape. Because of their importance in everything from transportation to irrigation, rivers will continue to be a valuable natural resource for the human race for the foreseeable future.

You may not be aware, but Nigeria is home to one of Africa’s most important rivers. That is correct, Nigeria’s River Niger is said to be Africa’s third-longest river.

In addition to the Niger River, Nigeria is home to a variety of other natural wonders. Today, we’ll visit twenty of Nigeria’s most important rivers. Just take a seat on the river of knowledge that is going to flood your path and enjoy the journey.

Major Rivers In Nigeria And Their Locations

20 Major Rivers In Nigeria And Their Locations
Major Rivers In Nigeria And Their Locations

1. River Niger

Over 1,400 kilometers long, the River Niger is Nigeria’s largest river and comes first on the list of major rivers in Nigeria, making it the continent’s third-longest river. The river travels from the Sahara desert to the southeast of the continent, totaling 4,180 kilometers in length.

Sokoto and Kaduna are two of the major tributaries that flow into the Benue River in the north of the country, where it continues its journey south to the Gulf of Guinea, where it ends its journey and exits the country. The Niger River is Nigeria’s most important river.

2. River Benue

The Niger River is Nigeria’s second-longest river. As a result of their fame as Nigeria’s most recognizable rivers, the Benue and Niger appear on the country’s coat of arms.

The Benue River is a major waterway in western Africa. It is without a doubt Nigeria’s greatest tributary of the Niger River, with a length of approximately 1,400 kilometers. Serves as a source of income for the residents of heavily populated and humid areas of the country.

3. Kaduna River

The Kaduna River, which runs through northern Nigeria, isn’t as well-known as the two rivers described above, but the Hausa tribe uses it as a source of water.

Crocodiles are known to inhabit the area, therefore it has that name. This river is one of the country’s most important rivers, with a total length of 550 kilometers.

4. Cross River

Nigeria’s Cross River is also one of the major rivers in Nigeria, running for more than a hundred miles. Cameroon’s southern region, which is home to the Efik tribe, is crossed by the river as it makes its way to the Gulf of Guinea.

Also, it is one of the five rivers in Nigeria that share a state name with a region of the country.

5. Nun River

The longest branch of Niger River’s main extension, Nun passes through Bayelsa State, spanning north to south from Delta to Delta. Flowing over wetlands, it is more than 160 kilometers long. It is situated in Nigeria’s southernmost region.

6. Sokoto River

The River largely flows through Nigeria’s north-western area. Kaduna, Zamfara, Sokoto, and Kebbi are the four regions where the River Niger runs, and it is a major contributor to the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy by supporting the cultivation of rice, sugar cane, peanuts, cotton, and tobacco.

Kaduna, Zamfara, Sokoto, and Kebbi are the four regions where the River Niger runs, and it is one of the major rivers in Nigeria contributing highly to the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy by supporting the cultivation of rice, sugar cane, peanuts, cotton, and tobacco. #7 River Forcados

River Forcados branch was used for shipping purposes in the middle of the twentieth century. Niger Delta is crossed by the Forcados River, which runs from north to south, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. ‘ It’s 198 kilometers long.

8. Komadugu-Yobe River

Lake Chad is fed by the Komadugu-Yobe River, which flows into Lake Chad from the north. An important natural border that divides Nigeria from Niger is found in this stream.

9. Oueme River

This river, which runs through both Benin and Nigeria, is around 480 kilometers long. As a large river, it is located in the westernmost part of the country.

10. Anambra River

The Anambra River is a major tributary of the Niger River, which flows through Lokoja, Nigeria. It was once known as “Anam Branch of River Niger” because that’s where the current Anambra state got its name from. The name Anambra was eventually reduced to its current form.

11. Osun River

Located in the southeast of Nigeria, the Yoruba lands are home to the core Yoruba region, which flows south into the Lagos lagoon and then into the Atlantic Ocean to the south. 

12. Bonny River

Some local legends claim that the Bonny River was constructed by female goddesses who were suffering from some kind of mental distress.

Located in the Nigerian state of Rivers. It connects the island of Bonny to the capital of Rivers State, Port Harcourt.

13. Imo River

In the Igbo language, Mimri Imo is also known as Mimri Imo. This river is located in Nigeria’s southeast and measures 240 kilometers in length.

The Atlantic Ocean can be found directly to the west. In terms of water volume, the estuary’s yearly discharge is estimated at 4 cubic kilometers.

14. Kwa Ibo River

For a river that runs through the southernmost portion of Nigeria, the Kwa Ibo River’s mouth serves as a Major Rivers In Nigeria for fishing and eventually spills into the Atlantic Ocean.

The mouth of the river is about three kilometers away from the aforementioned fishing town.

15. Ogun River

Water from this creek flows into Lagos Lagoon directly from the marshy plains of Lagos State, Nigeria It originates in Oyo State, travels through Ogun State, and finally arrives in Lagos State after a long journey.

Old Oyo National Park is bordered by the river. As a result, tourists will have an ideal place to unwind.

16. Donga River

Nigeria and Cameroon share this River. Located in the country’s easternmost reaches, it divides Nigeria from neighboring Cameroon.

Eventually, it joins the Benue River, which flows to the north. About 20,000 square kilometers are covered by the Donga River’s watershed. In Taraba, there are three forest reserves linked to the Donga River water channels.

17. Katsina-Ala River

Located in Nigeria’s Central Region, this river may be found in the country’s Middle Belt. As a major tributary of the Benue River, it’s important. Cameroon’s Bamenda Highlands River runs into Nigeria and is 320 kilometers long.

18. Rima River

It is a well-known river in Nigeria’s far northern region. As it travels southwest, it joins the Sokoto River, before continuing on to the Niger River. A seasonal river, the Upper Rima only runs in the wet season.

19. Escravos River

Portuguese “slave” word “Escravos” is used in this context. It was through this river that the slave trade flowed in the eighteenth century.

To reach the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Guinea, the Escravos river runs through the Niger River’s distributary. Its total length is 57 kilometers

At the mouth of the Escravos River, Chevron, a well-known American oil firm, maintains a large factory.

20. Oli River

Southeast of the country, this river is found. One of the Niger’s tributaries.


A country’s development is aided greatly by the presence of rivers. That Nigeria is so well-watered with many major rivers in Nigeria is a privilege.