Price of Photocopy Machines in Nigeria

Photocopy Machines are important and a must-have for printing industries. The price of photocopy machines is also an important determiner for buying the machines. The Best Photocopy Machines basically are used to create duplicate copies of printed material on a clean sheet of paper. These machines are not limited and they are a great asset to people who own ICT centers, offices, printing press e.t.c. 

In this article, we’ll explain the prices of Photocopy Machines in Nigeria as well as the different brands available. Also, Photocopy Machines have unique features that’ll make them function as scanners, printers, and the Photocopy machine itself. 

Photocopy Machines are important because as a business entity, they’ll be beneficial to your business. Before you purchase a Photocopy machine, you need to watch out for brands that suit the use you needed the machine for. There are different brands of machines but choosing a good Photocopy machine will do you much favor and increase your job output.

Brands of Best Photocopy Machines in Nigeria

There are a good number of photocopy machines. Sharp and HP Photocopy Machines have been known to have held the industry for years. The following includes the brands of Photocopy Machines and all these brands are preferable because they are durable, reliable, and well affordable. 

  • Sharp
  • HP
  • Canon
  • Konica Minolta
  • Epson
  • Samsung
  • Xeros
  • Panasonic
  • Ricoh

Cost and Price of Photocopy Machines in Nigeria

The following includes the price of different brands of photocopy machines in Nigeria. These brands are reliable and are known for producing quality photocopy machines. 

Sharp Photocopy Machines

The prices of Sharp photocopy machines range between N180,000 to N1.5 Million depending on the model. Sharp is currently the best Photocopy machine brand in Nigeria

Sharp machines are efficient, advanced, and easy to use. They can come in either monochrome, colored, or both.

Panasonic Photocopy Machine

The price of a Panasonic Photocopy Machine in Nigeria ranges between N75,000 to N500,000 depending on the model. This photocopy machine is easy to operate and also it produces clear duplicates. It comes in different models and each model has its unique feature.

Ricoh Photocopy Machines

The price of a Ricoh Photocopy Machine ranges between N60,000 to N280,000 depending on the model. These Machines are economically friendly and easy to operate. It is a quality photocopy machine in Nigeria and it comes in black and white and colored models. 

Samsung Photocopy Machines

The prices of Samsung Photocopy Machines range between N55,000 to N500,000 depending on the model. They come in different features. Samsung Photocopy Machines don’t damage papers and they are very efficient. 

Toshiba Photocopy Machines

Toshiba Photocopy Machines is very good and efficient for office use. The price in Nigeria ranges between N50,000 to N150,000 while the high features photocopy machine price ranges between N200,000 to N750,000. 

Konica Minolta Photocopy Machines

This photocopy machine brand is also popular in Nigeria. The price ranges between N70,000 to N650,000. This brand is known for producing high-performing machines. 

Prices of New Photocopy Machines in Nigeria

Brand new Photocopy Machines are mostly preferable and also, they have usually termed the best Photocopy Machines. The price of a brand new Photocopy Machines isn’t static; it changes due to some variables like model, currency exchange rate, clearance fee, and other important things. 

The following entails the price of a brand new Photocopy machine in Nigeria. 

Sharp Photocopy Machines

Sharp Photocopy machine is a well-known Photocopy Machines in Nigeria and as such, it is popular in the market. Their prices include:

  • Sharp Photocopier MX-B200 cost between N240,000 to N270,000
  • Sharp Photocopier AR5618 cost between N130,000 to N150,000
  • Sharp digital copier MX-M7cost between N3.1 million to N3.4 million.
  • Sharp digital copier MX-B2 cost between N195,500 to N205,500.
  • Sharp Photocopier AR-5623 cost between N220,000 to N230,000
  • Sharp Photocopier AL-2041 cost between N230,000 to N250,000

Canon Photocopy Machine

  • Canon copier IR-1133 cost between N235,200 to N255,200
  • Canon copier IR-2202 between N303,500 to N305,500.
  • Canon copier IR-2520 cost  between N334,000 to N450,000
  • Canon copier IR-2530 cost between N1 million to N1.1 million.

Konica Minolta Photocopy Machine

  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 25e Multifunctional printer cost between N40,000 to N70,000
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub C300 Multifunctional printer cost between N100,000 to N130,000. 

Ricoh Photocopy Machine

  • Aficio Ricoh MP161 Photocopy machine cost between N56,000 to N60,000

Prices of Used Photocopy Machines in Nigeria

Fairly used Photocopy machines are usually the next option or a close alternative when the brand new machines are elevated in price. 

Although, these machines might break down from time to time and they need constant maintenance in the long run. It is important you test a fairly used machine before purchase or better still, you should seek the help of an Engineer that is versed.

Below is the price of a fairly used Photocopy machine. 

  • HP Copier Machine cost N50,000
  • Sharp Fairly Used Photocopy Machine cost between N50,000 to N250,000
  • Bizhub machine cost N40,000

Where to buy Photocopy Machines in Nigeria

The following include the places you can get the best and most affordable Photocopy Machines in Nigeria. 

  • Electronic Stores: These stores are the best place to buy Photocopy Machines in the country. 
  • Online shopping site: the online store is another place to get either the new or fairly used Photocopy Machines. Online shopping sites like Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Olx e.t.c. 
  • Suppliers/ Dealers:there are various suppliers and dealers of both fairly used and new Photocopy Machines in Nigeria. You just need to find their address and contact to reach these dealers.You can also reach these people through vconnect and make your purchase. 


Photocopy machines play an important role in offices and as such, they are must-have equipment. They do not use costly inks used by desktop printers and also they produce copies faster. Before you go, check out the Printing Companies In Nigeria – Top 10 Lists