How to Produce Soda Soap in Nigeria: Complete Guide

Soda soap commonly known as sica is an easy and cheap soap to make, so many people patronize it especially low-income earners and even the rich which means there’s a huge demand for it. Learn how to Produce Soda Soap in Nigeria.

It is very easy to produce and its ingredients can be gotten from any chemical shop around you. This soap can be used for washing dishes, clothes, and even for bathing especially for people with skin infections as it has powerful skin cleansing properties but be careful with it as it could be harsh on some sensitive skins.

How to Produce Soda Soap in Nigeria

In this post, we’ll teach you how to produce soda soap and how to market it, if you’re a fan of DIYs and you’ve always wanted to produce soda soap on your own, this is just the post for you. Let’s get you started.

The creation/making of soaps dates back to the creation of clothes and fabrics and over time, we’ve had an evolution of soap making as more procedures and techniques are bound to come out. However, the overall goal of soaps hasn’t changed as it is to fulfill the rite of cleansing and meet hygienic needs. This is the case with bar soaps and soda soap is no exception.

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Soda Soap Ingredients

To make soda soap, you’d need the following ingredients:

  • Oil (palm oil or P.K.O)
  • Colour
  • Fragrance (optional)
  • Caustic soda solution

Soda Soap Production Procedures

It is advisable first of all to dissolve the caustic soda and let it stay overnight to enable you to achieve a smooth consistency and finish. Also, let your oil bleach very well if you’re using palm oil. Fry the oil till the color changes and the foaming disappears.

Take the measurement of the chemicals you need, mix the palm oil with caustic soda solution, add other ingredients as you so desire, and mix thoroughly until a smooth finish is achieved. Pour into measuring containers and allow them to cool down. Viola!! Your soap is ready.

Please keep this mixture out of the reach of children and infants.

Why Consider Soda Soap Production Business

It is Quick and Easy to Produce

From the steps aforementioned, you can see and tell that soda soap is very easy and quick to produce, it can only be strenuous when mixing but the end product and profit are absolutely worth it.

The production of soda soap doesn’t take too much time if you know exactly what you’re doing and you’ve dissolved your caustic soda previously. It shouldn’t take up to an hour to produce it and that makes it easy and quick to produce.

It is Cheap To Produce

Soda soap doesn’t require tons of ingredients to produce, you need just a few ingredients that matter and you’ll be on your way to owing bars of homemade soda soap. The cost of production is also very low and the chemicals needed are easy and cheap to buy compared to other soaps.

It Foams Better

The caustic soda as its main ingredient makes it easy for the soap to produce lather, it is often believed that the more lather a soap makes, the higher the tendency of it cleaning dirt. Soda soap foams very well and that’s why people like it, do a good product and you’ll win the hearts of people who will turn out to be your loyal customers.

It is Pocket Friendly

Soda soap is pocket-friendly as it concerns the producer and as it concerns the buyer. You don’t need to break the bank or tear your pocket to be able to afford its ingredients and because the price is cheap and affordable, it makes it easy for everyone and anyone to be able to get it.

No Qualification is Needed

You’re not limited by educational constraints because you don’t need any form of qualification or educational background to be able to produce soda soap. You don’t even need a certificate for it, all you need to know is your accurate measurement and how to mix them, the steps are actually very easy as explained stated above. That’s all the qualifications you’ll need to produce soda soap.

Easy To Market

Now you’ve known how to produce the soap, it’s important to know how to market it so it’s not like you produced it for yourself. Count and sell it out to retailers in a way you’ll both make a profit.

You can also find out from shop owners around you how many and how much they get it from other producers, add one soap to yours and supply it or supply the same quantity but at a reduced rate that will also fetch you a profit of course and you’ll see that you’ll have more shops to supply to at the end of the day, that equates more sales and more money.

You can also market your soap to restaurants and fast food joints, they use this soap to wash their dishes, supply it to them at a subsidized rate and you’ll be surprised at how many restaurant owners would rather buy from you.

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An additional tip is to harness the power of social media, don’t say “it’s just soda so why would I take it online?” get on social media and advertise your soap there, you can even give it a good packaging with a sweet brand name, you’ll be amazed at how people would patronize your soda brand.

Give your brand a facelift; you could identify yourself as the only digital soda maker, just anything to build your brand on. Create a logo, create flyers and give tall talks about the soap and if you’re consistent, someone might order the soap to see how different that particular one is and just like that you’ve made sales.

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