How to Start Raw Foodstuff Business in Nigeria

Do you want to Start Raw Foodstuff Business in Nigeria? Whether you want to start on a large or small scale, you can never go wrong with this business as foodstuff is a necessity in homes and everybody needs food for survival. 

In this post, we will outline steps to Start Raw Foodstuff Business in Nigeria so if you’ve got questions like How do you start a foodstuff business? How do I start a local food supply business in Nigeria? Is the food business profitable in Nigeria? where to start from? what types of raw foods to sell? and where to buy from? you’re in the right place and we’ve got all your questions covered.  Read on!

How to Start Raw Foodstuff Business in Nigeria

One very good thing about this business is that you’re sure of making a profit no matter your location, even when other businesses might be on hold, the foodstuff business would still boom because “man must wack”. People need food daily and if you’re probably thinking of ways to make money, you should consider starting this business.

Requirements for Starting Raw Foodstuff Business

You really do not need so much to start off; you don’t even need any qualification of any kind because nobody would ask for any certificate before buying foodstuff from you.

However, there are some things you need to have to enable you to start and manage your business effectively and they include but are not limited to the following:


You need capital to start any kind of business and this is no exception, you need money to enable you to buy the things you’d be selling, rent a shop (if applicable), and pay workers too (if any).

There’s no particular amount that is the right amount to start with as you can start with any amount you have. Only that your capital decides how big or how small your business is going to be. Make up your mind about the scale you want, prepare your capital, and start.

Know where to buy foodstuffs from

You’d have to carry out a market survey to know where to get cheap commodities from. Benue state has made it easy by identifying themselves as “the food basket of the Nation” so it’s necessary you find out what exactly they sell in their markets and how you can get contacts with suppliers.

Knowing where to buy from helps you carve your niche which is our next point. To easily travel to Benue, check out Benue Links Price List, Motor Parks, Online Bookings, and Contacts.

Choose a Niche

There’s no way you can sell everything and that’s why you need to have a niche. A niche would help you know what to sell and how to get the necessary contacts of suppliers you need.

There’s a wide range of commodities to sell, choose whichever one you want to sell and be consistent with it so that people will know you for what you sell and be sure they can always get it at your shop. You can combine several commodities but don’t outdo yourself.


The location doesn’t really matter because people would always buy food, but ensure you find a favorable location that would be accessible so you’ll have more patronage and more sales.

Having a favorable location puts your business in the faces of those who really need and having a niche would help you choose the right location for your business. Whatever location you choose, ensure you settle for a busy place.

The foodstuff business is very profitable and perishable as well depending on what you chose to sell which is why you have to sell off as soon as possible, don’t increase the price too much, and don’t use false measurements so that people don’t perceive your business as fraudulent and decide to never buy from you.

Ensure you use accurate measurements and buy from the right sources so that you can also sell at an affordable rate and also make a profit.

Other Factors to Help you Start Raw Foodstuff Business in Nigeria

Take Note of Seasons

It is important to understand the season because you need to know what exactly to buy at a particular time and how to store them if they’re not perishable.

Knowing this helps you plan ahead and prepare for the rainy days when those commodities would be scarce so you can sell yours and make a profit. An example of such a commodity is palm oil. You can buy it when it’s less expensive, store it and sell it at a higher rate when there’s a price hike.

Price Fluctuation

It’s good to study the trend to know when there’ll be an increase in the price of products. Knowing this would help you satisfy your customers.

Price fluctuation could be caused by anything and not just seasonal, it could be that the cost of transportation went high, a particular village is celebrating their festival, or there’s a scarcity of the commodity. Just study the trend and know exactly when and how to buy things.

Be Polite

It is necessary to be polite and to have good customer service because nobody would patronize a rude person, so many have lost potential customers due to how rude they are and how badly they’ve spoken to them. Be polite always and remember that customers are always right.

Stay Clean and Neat

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness and you have to stay neat considering the fact that you’d be handling food and selling food. People wouldn’t want to patronize a dirty vendor. So stay neat, keep your shop and surroundings clean and carry out general clean-up as often as possible. 

An additional tip is to invest in what is most needed, find out what people in your location need the most, and supply it. Don’t buy more yams when people are requesting plantain just because you like yams. Remember you’re not your target audience, you’re supplying to people so it’s best you invest in what they like and what they’re asking for.

Go Digital

The power of social media cannot be over-emphasized, don’t assume you wouldn’t have customers if you take your business to social media. Lots of businesses are thriving online and the foodstuff business is no exception.

Follow restaurant accounts, follow chefs, and display pictures of your business. Tell them you’d supply raw foodstuff to them at a subsidized rate and be sure you’re true to your words. 


Despite the odds that surround this business, it is very lucrative and profitable, follow the steps in this post and you’ll be smiling at the bank at the end of the day. If you found this post helpful, please follow us, leave a comment and share this post as well.