Top 10 Richest Towns In Imo State

Imo State is one of the Southeastern states in Nigeria. The state is inhabited majorly by the Igbo tribe and houses a great number of millionaires and billionaires in the country. Also in Imo state, there are a good number of cities that are very commercialized. Under this post, we highlighted the Richest Towns in Imo state. These towns and villages are tagged as the richest towns because most of the richest men in Imo state are localized there.

Imo state is recognized as one of the richest Nigerian states and one of the most developed states in Nigeria because of the state’s large investments in real estate, tourist attractions, and hospitality services.

Though the indigenous persons of Imo state are predominantly traders, farmers, and civil servants, the state is one of the richest states in Nigeria.

Some parts of Imo State have boundaries with the Niger Delta State. Owerri, The capital of Imo State in the region or state capital with the highest number of hotels in Nigeria. Some of these hotels border behind Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Every Nigeria state is composed of different towns, communities, and local councils headed by an Imo state councilor. Driving from this, the towns in Imo state are the first recognizable unit of the Government officially.

There are over 100 identified towns and autonomous communities in Imo State, Nigeria. These communities and towns comprise individuals who live together, share the same goals and aspirations.

Some of the Towns in Imo State are in non-violent competitions among themselves to find out the highly progressive communities. However, they do this amongst themselves and the effects are not widespread.

The capacity of human resources and even the wealth distribution among the towns in Imo state are not the same, therefore proving that some towns in Imo State would be richer and more competitive than the others. The Oil-producing towns in Imo State are naturally far from the rest if we should have made our focus of the Richest Towns from these natural resources.

From our description of the Richest Towns, it is important to note that these Imo state richest towns are not the towns with the largest amount of natural resources, productivity, and investments. We would be making our highlights of the Richest Towns in Imo state from the towns with the highest number of Richest men in Imo State.

While detailing the Richest Towns in Imo state, we culled our list from the towns in Imo State with the highest number of rich persons, companies, and establishments.

Top 10 Richest Towns in Imo State

Among the Imo state’s richest towns, most of our focus as we have earlier stated would be on the towns in Imo states with the highest number of Business executives and top entrepreneurs in Imo State. These Billionaires and Millionaires of Imo State are indigenous persons of the Richest Towns in Imo state.

Akokwa Town

This is one of the Richest Towns and also shares borders with Anambra State. Akokwa town is localized in Ideato Local Government Area of Imo State.

The Community is considered as one of the Imo state’s richest towns because of the expanse of luxurious houses and infrastructures in the town.

Most prominently is Tony Ezenna, one of the richest men in Akokwa town, Imo state. He is the CEO of Orange drugs and earned a title in the town as the Ezego 1 of Akokwa.

Owerri Town

Owerri Town ranks on our list of the Richest Towns in Imo state because of the innumerable industrious persons that the Community has produced.

The town is one of the Imo state towns with the highest number of rich persons and is also seen as one of the biggest towns in Imo State.

Mbano Town

Mbano as one of the Richest Towns in Imo state has many notable Billionaires from town. One of the self-made Billionaires from Mbano is Chief Tony Chukwu. Tony Chukwu is one of the richest industrialists from Imo state.

There are lots of other rich people from the town that made Mbano one of the Richest Towns in Imo state.

Orlu Town

This list would be incomplete if Orlu town was not mentioned in this post. Orlu is one of the largest towns in Imo State. It also ranks among the top Richest Towns in the state.

Orlu is home to the biggest and richest politicians in Imo State. The community has large human resources and capacity. Orlu has the highest number of duplexes and large apartments in Imo State.

Mgbidi Town

Mgbidi Town is another town that borders Anambra State. It is not just one of the towns with the Richest Towns in Imo state but also the village of most Imo state billionaires and millionaires.

Mgbidi is a semi-urban area of Imo state. This is to show the extent of commercial activities going on in the community. Because of the economic diversification that dominates the town, it is considered a town of most rich men in Imo State.

Arondizuogu Town

Arondizuogu is a town in Imo state commonly known as Izuogu town and one of the Imo state’s richest towns. Cultural festivities like the Ikenga festival are largely maintained as a yearly tradition in Arondizuogu town.

There are a large number of Rich persons from Arondizuogu town because of their proficiency in business and corporate sectors. This is the town of some of the very rich persons in Imo state.

Mbaise Town

Mbaise Town is a popular town in Imo State with large human resources from business moguls, top politicians, and celebrities. It is home to the highest number of proficient persons in Imo state.

Persons from this community are very economically successful individuals. They are industrious and Excel in several fields. Mbaise is a very developed community in Imo state.

Osina Town

Osina Town is a town of Imo State millionaires, located in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State. Most of the rich persons in this town are women and business magnates.

Their strong entrepreneurial spirit has led them to rank among the Richest Towns in the state.

Umuaka Town

Umuaka Town is located in Njaba local government area of Imo State. Many millionaires and billionaires in Imo State continually spring up from this community owing to the commitment to the development of the town members. They rank as one of the top communities among the list of Richest Towns in Imo state.

Oguta Town

Oguta Town is home to one of the richest men in Southeastern Nigeria, Chief Arthur Nzeribe.

Oguta Town is known to many as Amechi or OgutaAmechi. Their ventures into business have led most of their village members to be among the richest men in Imo State. This also extends to ranking them among the biggest and richest Towns in Imo state


We’ve succeeded in providing you with the top richest towns based on our research based on the account of rich men in the above-mentioned towns. if you have any contributions please do use the comment box below.