Side Effects of Tattoos and Body Piercing

Tattoos are now a fashion trend so popular among youths. America has over 80% of her youth wearing one tattoo or the other. Nigerians are fast catching up with the trend, according to research with over 40% of Nigerian Youths carrying one tattoo design or the other. Tattoos though look cool an in fashion, has its health risk as listed below –

Health Risk of Tattoos and Piercings

1. Skin infection/disease

Tattoos ink can be contaminated easily with bacteria and if used can cause infection to the site of use.

Symptoms of the infection are –

* Swelling of the skin

* Red rash

* Pain

* Psoriasis

* photo-sensitization

* Photogenotocity

* Photococity, etc

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2. Infections such as HIV and Hepatitis

Tattoos employ the use of sharp objects like needles and pierce-rs which often come in contact with body fluids (blood). Re-use of such needles can lead to transmissions of deadly (blood transmitted) disease such as HIV and Hepatitis.

3. Skin discolorations –

Tattoo chemicals if in contact with the inner layer of skin destroys the melanocytes and keratocytes which are cells responsible for skin color and texture. Part of the skin where the tattoos are often is discolored permanently.

4. Hematoma –

A hematoma usually called bruise may appear if a blood vessel is punctured during the tattoo process.

5. Scaring –

The skin is created naturally with a mechanism that detects a foreign body (dirt, chemicals, etc ) and tends to get rid of them. Scaring can occur as the body attempts to remove the foreign substance (the ink chemical)

6. Granulomas –

This is the forming of large small bulbs that result from the encapsulation of the ink chemical material (the forming substance).

Many wear tattoos but none ever talked about its health implication. There is no such thing as a saves tattoo, the tattoo has been recently associated with skin cancer also.

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