The Smallest States in Nigeria and Their Population

As big as Nigeria is, there are some states that doesn’t have up to 2 million population. This is based on the relaible fact and fighures of the 2006 populated census.

So if you are curious to know these states, relax as this article will succinctly list them in accordance with their figures.


1. Bayelsa State | 1,703,358

At the moment, Bayelsa state is the smallest state in Nigeria. Though located at the oil rich region part of Niger Delta. According to the population census of 2006, Bayelsa is having less than 2 million people inhabiting there.

2. Nasarawa State | 1,863,275

Nasarawa state is another state with least population in Nigeria with 1,863,275 people. It is situated in the North Central region part the country, one of the zone often referred to as the Middle belt.

3. Ebonyi State | 2,173,501

Next on the list of the least populated states in Nigeria is Ebonyi state with two million plus inhabitants. Ebonyi state is also on the list of the poorest state in Nigeria.

4. Taraba State | 2,300,736

With the population census of 2,300,736 people, Taraba state is the fourth state on this list. The city of Jalingo is it capital and thepeople of this state are predominantly farmers.

5. Yobe State | 2,321,591

Yobe state may boost of area and land mass in Nigeria as it stands on the 6th position on the list of largest state in the country.

However, the inhabitants of this state are not much as the 2006 population census gave 2,321,591 as the overall people living in the state.

6. Gombe State | 2,353,879

Gombe state is located in the northern of Nigeria and it has Gombe as it capital city. It is rank as the 6th state with least population in Nigeria.

7. Kwara State | 2,371,089

Kwara state falls to the North central part of Nigeria and it has the religious city of Ilorin as its capital. Kwara state is the only state in the North Central dominated by Yorubas.

Majority of the inhabitants of Kwara State are Muslims and the state is also rank in the 7th position on the list of the least population state in Nigeria.

8. Ekiti State | 2,384,212

Ekiti state is no doubt one of the poorest Yoruba speaking state in Nigeria. It doubled has one of the smallest states, and leastpopulated Yoruba land in the country.

9. Abia State | 2,833,999

Abia state is situated in the south eastern part of Nigeria and the state is made of Igbo speaking group who are predominantlyChristians.

Being one of the oil deposits state in the south east, it is also one of the state with least population in Nigeria.

10. River State | 2,888,966

Also, Cross River State is located at the south south part of the country and it has 2,888,966 as the sum total of its inhabitants as at the time of writing this.

Hope you are able to feed your curiosity instinct with the above listed state with the least population in Nigeria.


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