The 10 Tribes With The Cheapest Bride Price In Nigeria

Which tribe has the cheapest bride price in Nigeria? In today’s post, we will be focused on the ethnic groups with the cheapest bride price in the country. If you are an aspiring husband sit tight and read carefully.

Paying the bride price is a reasonable thing to do for any responsible man that intends to marry a woman in Nigeria, it is part of our traditional custom as a nation and even mostly done in Africa and every other part of the world.

Even ignoring the traditional aspect, the Holy Bible and the Holy Quaran also support this than any other ceremonious events that could be planned for.

Nevertheless, some tribes, family members or relatives see this as an avenue to make money thereby giving a lengthy note bride price list to the husband-to-be. When it makes sense most is when the man is able to pay the bride price without stress then it is seen as reasonable for both ends.

Mind you, some take advantage of this to maltreat their wife after the bride price has been paid. They will tell you they have bought the woman mainly because of the huge price they paid in the name of paying the bride price then the wife will be the one to suffer the mistake of her parents.

Though tradition is tradition but it should be weighed to make it easy for the man too as he will automatically become their son once he is married to their daughter.

The increment in bride price is the result of the domestic abuse women of today experience. You as a man planning to marry shouldn’t worry much because not all tribes or ethnic groups charge a huge amount for bride price.

This is the reason why we have taken our time to make meticulous research about traditional weddings in Nigeria and how much each tribe demands.

Generally, there is this belief that marrying from the Southern region of the country attracts a lot of bride price, i.e. the Southerners charge exorbitantly for their daughter’s bride price and this has been the reason why most young ladies from this region doesn’t marry on time.

For the love most ladies have and with the fact they do not want to lose their man they work hard so as to assist the man to pay for her own bride price, this is also done so as not to waste much time.

At the same time, some ladies end it because they feel tradition should be followed and that if the husband really loves her he would find the money to foot this and this has always lead to regrets for most of the ladies.

For the aspiring husband, it is necessary to take caution and read this post in full, you don’t want to get a loan to pay your wife bride price, after paying a huge amount as the bride price then at the end of the day the new bride and husband start avoidable fasting.

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To avoid those tribes or ethnic groups that are adamant, and always asking for too much on bride price we have prepared this post for you and also with strong advice to marry based on your financial status and do not overstress yourself.

10 Top Ethnic Groups With The Cheapest Bride Price In Nigeria

Luckily for our male readers, you do not need to overstress yourself on saving huge for your wife’s bride price, here are some tribes that don’t take life difficult and they have beautiful and well-cultured women. For some, do not be surprised if the parents and family members of your wife return the bride price, YES it happens well in some tribes. Also some will even assist the man in footing some bills as they consider it as a thing which needs to be done together by both families.

Below are the tribes that don’t charge much bride price in Nigeria:

#1. Yoruba Tribe

The Yoruba tribe is such a wonderful tribe to marry from, the Yorubas are seen as the most educated tribe in Nigeria and also the most respectful tribe in the country. They place much value on their daughters and this is the reason why they do not charge much bride price.

A Yoruba family sees you as their son once you marry their daughter and they tell you they do not sell their daughter but as custom demands, the bride price is called “Owo Ori” in the Yoruba language.

It is a must for you to pay the bride price but not an amount that will be inconvenient. After collecting the bride’s price they might give it back to you, this solely depends on the decision of the parents.

Marriage in Yoruba land is seen as a joint venture so do not be surprised if the ladies’ parents also foot some bills to make the marriage a success.

Yoruba bride price cost ranges between ₦5,000 to ₦20,000. Though after collecting it the parents usually return it to the groom as support for the marriage. The initial collection of the bride’s price is just to signify that they actually collected it in good faith and to make it a symbolic event.

After this you will be given a list of things you should buy, these are edible things like yam, plantain, sugarcane and so on, these are not expensive in any way and even a man with no job at hand can manage to buy them.

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#2. Hausa Muslims

The Hausa tribe is also seen as one of the tribes with the cheapest bride price in Nigeria most especially the Muslims of this tribe. They call the bride price “Sadaki” and this is always very low even beyond your expectations.

When they accept a very low bride price they have this belief that many blessings and joy will be attracted and there will be ease in whatever they do.

Due to their religion, they make use of the “Rubu Dinar” which means “quarter kilogram of gold piece” based on the Arabic expression, this can be paid by anyone ready to marry their daughter but you must be the responsible type.

#3. Fulani Tribe

The Fulani tribe cut across West African countries like Niger, Nigeria, Chad e.t.c. They have a quite huge population in Nigeria and are based in the Northern region of the country.

They mostly speak Fulfulde which is their own original language, they also speak the Hausa language and also some of them speak French and English based on the part of the country they are in Africa.

The Fulanis are majorly Muslims so their tradition seems to be based on Islamic laws as we cannot say they have their own unique tradition like other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The Fulanis are always very attractive, most especially their women, their major profession is rearing of cattle and diaries and they make use of this for their marriage ceremonies and other events.

#4. Urhobo Tribe

Urhobo tribe is also one of the tribes with the cheapest bride price in Nigeria, they are found in Delta state and they charge a very low amount as bride price, their bride price ranges between ₦12 – ₦15.

#5. Esan Tribe

This is a notable tribe in Edo state, one of the most populous in the state, Edo state generally is a state that takes tradition seriously, you might not spend much on ceremonies but the tradition is dear to them.

They give you the impression that their daughter is not for sale so you are not charged exorbitant money. Just to signify that you as a man paid your bride price because that serves as respect to your wife and same respect to you as the husband.

Esan tribe charge around ₦24 which simply means 24 cowries or British pounds being used in the olden days, though you are needed to buy other things which might cost you some money, check the marriage rights on this post.

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#6. Kagoro Tribe

The Kagoro tribe is not that very popular because their population isn’t that much. They can be found in Kaduna state and the paying of bride price in this part of the country is not compulsory. Though some parents do request for it, but not expensive.

#7. Bini Tribe

The Benin tribe is a majority tribe in Edo state, they speak the Bini language and are blessed with beautiful women, their bride price is just ₦24, though other things might be asked of, as you can see Bini people are one of the tribes with the cheapest bride price in Nigeria.

#8. Itsekiri Tribe 

Itsekiri tribe is found in Delta state, they also request a very low among for bride price. Other marriage rights might cost you but their bride price is just of ₦120.

#9. Tiv Tribe

The Tiv is an ethnic group found in Benue state, they made it a norm that any marriage rights costs and also the bride price shouldn’t exceed a total of ₦100,000, once you as a man have this amount then you are already considered a husband.

#10. Onitsha 

The Onitsha people are from Anambra state, though there is this known fact that Igbos charge exorbitantly for bride price but the people of Onitsha are different, they are one of the tribes with the cheapest bride price in Nigeria. Traditionally, ₦40 is requested but you will need to buy a lot of things to accompany it.

With the tribes we have listed and talked about here it is clearly seen that the bride price is not a thing of the region, it shouldn’t be generalized. Some tribes charge a lot while their brothers in the same region charge lesser.


We need to make this known to men preparing to get married soon, paying of bride price doesn’t mean you are buying the lady, do not because of this maltreat your wife. If a man mistreats his wife he automatically disrespects himself and his family and this will certainly reflect on the children’s upbringing.

Your wife deserves the same respect you deserve, we are all human beings and we have to respect that fact always.

Now that you know the tribes with the cheapest bride price in Nigeria we hope the wait is over and you will take a step in getting a wonderful bride from the tribes we have listed here.

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