3 Solutions For Tablet White Android Screen Of Death

We understand Samsung Tablet White Android Screen Of Death is a very annoying phenomenon and may leave you dazed. Seeing a pure white screen on your Android tablet is not a very pleasant sight, especially when you can not do anything about it since the tab is frozen on the white screen and rendered unresponsively.

The white issue Android tablet screen is a common complaint by users who usually experience it during the boot process or while using an App. To be certain, when you open your tab but it does not start normally and stays on a white screen, you are facing the Samsung tablet white screen of death error. The white screen tablet issue needs to be addressed immediately for you to access your tabs properly.

And remember, before switching to the troubleshooting problem, spend some time delving deeper into the causes for such an error.

  • Part 1: Reasons for tablets white screen of death
  • Part 2: How to fix the white screen during Application usage?
  • Part 3: How to fix the white screen after drop or damage?
  • Part 4: How to fix other white screen issues. 


Part 1: Reasons for tablets white screen of death

Is your tablet screen white making you wonder what exactly happened to your device? Well, do not panic because it’s not a virus or malware that causes this strange error. We have listed below some of the possible reasons because of which the Samsung tablet white screen of death issue occurs.

When your tabs are very old, general wear and tear on hardware and software may cause white screen tablet issues.

Also, if you have recently dropped your device on a hard surface, you may not see any external damage but the internal components, for example, LCD Ribbon, may get disturbed as a result of which software finds it difficult to operate properly. In addition, the moisture entering your device may also damage it.

The third reason is that if an Android or App update is interrupted during the installation, it may make your tablet may not work normally.

Corrupt files and clogged memory can also interfere with tab working by burdening its processor.

Finally, coarse use and improper care may also interfere with the normal working conditions of your tablet. If you do not charge your current tabs or use a local and poor quality charger, your device will not work to the best of its ability.

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Part 2: How to fix white screen during Application usage?

Samsung tablet white screen of death is usually observed while using a particular App on the device. tablet screen suddenly turns white while you are in the middle of using the App. However, this tablet white screen issue is easy to fix just follow the steps given below:

First, close your tab. To do so press and hold the power button for 7-10 seconds and wait for tablets to turn off. If it does not work on your tab, you can go ahead and remove the battery from the tab and let it out for 10 minutes or more. Then return the battery and turn on the tab.

Once the tabs are open successfully, you need to do three things soon:

#1. Clear Data and Clear App Cache

This method is useful to resist white screen tablet issue when it is caused while using a particular App. To clear the cache, Visit “Settings” on the Android tablet and select “Application Manager”.

Now tap on the App name using where the Samsung tablet white screen of death issue occurred. Then, in the Info app screen, select “Clear Data” and tap “Clear Cache”.

This technique is useful to wipe off all unwanted data stored which can cause glitch. Wiping Cache basically makes your App clean and ready to use again.

#2. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Uninstalling unnecessary Apps is always advisable to make some free space on your device. You can do this while you are on the App Info screen, as explained above, just by clicking “Uninstall”.

#3. Transfer to internal storage

Another useful way to solve the tablet white screen issue during use of the App is to move the App from your SD Card to Internal Memory.

Get started by going to “Settings” and open “Apps” to see a list of all Apps before you. Now choose the App you want to move. Then on the App Info screen, select “Storage” and then tap on “Move to Internal Memory” as shown in the image below.

Part 3: How to fix white screen after drop or damage?

Tablets and smartphones keep dropping all the time. Such incidents may damage the tab from the outside but may cause Samsung tablet white screen of death problems because in most cases the LCD Connector will get disturbed. If the damage is permanent, we suggest you get its screen replaced. However, if the connector is lightly displaced or covered with dust, here’s what you can do:

Turn off your tabs by pressing the power off button for 10 seconds and then disconnecting your tablet’s back cover. The battery and other internal components are fully identifiable in front of you.

Note: You can move the battery for your convenience but be careful while disconnecting it.

Now use a thin and delicate tool to slide the LCD Ribbon by unlocking it.

You should carefully check the connectors for the dust and other dirt to place on it and then wipe it clean and place it back meticulously in its original position.

Now lock the ribbon again by attacking the terminals.

Finally, return the battery and switch to the tab. If it starts normally, keep your Android tablet good.

Part 4: How to fix other white screen issues?

All white screen issues can be successfully resolved by performing a factory reset on your device in recovery mode. To boldly reset your tablet:

Start by pressing power, home, and volume down buttons together until you see a list of options in front of you. This screen is called Screen Recovery Mode.

Now with the volume down button, scroll down to “wipe data / factory reset”.

Finally, use the power button to select this option and wait patiently.

Once the process is complete, your tabs will automatically reboot and tablet white screen issues should be resolved.

Note: You will lose all your data and settings stored in your tab and you’ll have to set it up once again. However, this method helps to fix all types of white screen issues.


So, to all of our readers, when you see the Samsung tablet white screen of death in your tab and wonder how to fix the white screen on Android, remember that there is no need for you to consult a technician or buy a new tab instantly. You can fix the tablet white screen error yourself by following the steps listed in this article. Just go and try the techniques to fix the white screen problem on your Android tablet.