How to Start Block Industry Business in Nigeria

We’ll look at how to Start Block Industry Business in Nigeria in this post. We will give a thorough guide on how to effectively start up your cement block factory in the nation so that you will know what you need to do to become the proud owner of this business if you decide to get into it.

How To Start Block Industry Business In Nigeria

Though capital demanding if you want to start big, cement block manufacturing may regularly provide revenue for its owner, especially when located in an area where people can readily hire the owner to mold blocks as part of the required Building material for various building projects.

In several regions of Nigeria’s most populous states, the population has been steadily increasing for some time. As a result, both urban and rural areas have been able to grow and expand in terms of housing, commerce, and worship facilities.

As a result, cement blocks are increasingly in demand for the construction of new houses, places of worship, and commercial/office buildings, to name a few. Building blocks will always be in demand when all of these factors are taken into account since many people require them to develop their areas to meet modern standards, as is evident in many sections of Nigeria’s most developed states.

Building blocks are made by mixing powdered cement, sand, and gravel with water in the proper proportions to produce a light grey semi-solid with a fine surface texture that solidifies after several hours in the sun.

Block companies in Nigeria manufacture high-quality cement blocks that are suitable for a variety of building projects, guaranteeing that the structure being built does not collapse. Customers and the integrity of the business owner both depend on this. This company does better in the dry season than it does in the rainy season, as many builders choose to construct during the dry season.

We have previously provided our esteemed reader with the current prices of building blocks in Nigeria. Today, In order to establish a successful building block factory in Nigeria today, we are providing you, our respected readers, with the steps to take. To be successful, this enterprise will take a great deal of discipline. Below are the steps required in beginning a cement block manufacturing firm in the country, as explained by the experts.


The following are the steps to build a cement block plant in Nigeria in 2021.


One of the most essential things to perform before beginning a block industry business in Nigeria is to do a study of the region where you plan to set up the firm. A thorough picture of demand and supply for blocks in the region may be obtained after taking this step.  in case of low demand for cement blocks, you may have difficulty providing your clients with blocks at a competitive price.

Understanding how this business operates in your region before you start it will do you a world of good. The business owner, even if he or she does not perform all of the necessary technical tasks, should be taught to understand what the business comprises and how to efficiently administer it when you hire others to do the work.


Depending on the results of your local survey, it is up to you now to select where to place the block industry. Each molded block can be dried correctly on the area of land you pick since block factories are large. The property should also be used to store your sand and cement, as well as the equipment for molding your blocks.

For your block industry firm, you should consider the location’s proximity to a dependable water supply. A plentiful supply of water is essential to the production process in any bock sector. Once you have invested in a borehole, your running costs will be considerably reduced.

The location of your block industry firm should be in an area that is easily accessible by car so that supplies for block building are readily made available. The same is true if cement blocks are needed and the road leading to the targeted location is in good condition. It’s best to keep the location of your cement plant as far away from residential areas as feasible in order to avoid noise pollution and to avoid losing money avoid waterlogged land.


Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is essential if you want your cement block manufacturing to be recognized as legitimate. It will also make it easier for you to obtain government loans in the event that you need them to fund your firm.


You will need cash to start your block industry business in Nigeria, just like you would for any other venture. In order to start this business, you will need a lot of money to acquire a decent plot of land, either by purchasing it outright or renting it. You will also need money to purchase the machinery needed for your business, to name a few.

Following are a few of the materials and equipment needed to start your block industry;

  • Block molding machine for molding the cement mortar into blocks.
  • Vehicles, preferable trucks for delivering cement blocks to customers.
  • Concrete mixer for effectively mixing sand.
  • Cement and water.
  • Head pans.
  • Shovels
  • Trowels
  • Storage shed for storing cement.
  • A wooden palette for placing molded blocks while they dry in the open.


As you may not be able to do all of the jobs on your own, you’ll need to hire staff. A minimum of six people is needed to run a modest block production. You’ll need to hire people who are experienced at molding blocks, drying them after molding, putting them into trucks for transportation, etc. Your task will be made easier as a result of this. Then, your business is ready to go.