The Current Price of Goats in Nigeria

Like every other goods and service, the price of goats in Nigeria has also increased but not to the extent of unaffordable.

Are you among those asking how much is the price of a goat in Nigeria? Probably you need it for a festive celebration or even want to venture into goat farming in Nigeria. This article will expose you to the types of goats you should look out for or even buy including the current price of goats in Nigeria.

Goat rearing in Nigeria is common mostly in the northern part and accounts for the higher percentage of goats and meats consumed. Even though some other parts of the country also rears goat and resells too. The price of a goat in Nigeria depends on many factors;

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  • The type of breed and goats you want (whether local or foreign) You can scroll down to see the types of goats in Nigeria.
  • The height and size of the goat
  • Location whether northern part of Nigeria or others
  • Period whether during the festive season or normal period.

All of these factors determine the goat price in Nigeria. The reason why we advise you to buy from the Northern part from the herdsmen if you are reselling or rearing.

Also buying before festive periods like Muslim Salah, Christmas, and so on will save you a lot of money.

The Price of Goats in Nigeria

Check out the current price of goats in Nigeria below;

Buying goats from Niger, Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Sokoto, and other Northern states will be as cheap as N5,000 to N20,000 depending on the size. While the goat prices in the southern cities/states like Ibadan, Osogbo, Lagos, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Uyo, and others range from N10,000 to N30,000 depending on the goat’s size and height.

Knowing the goat price in Nigeria is one thing, another thing is for you to know the exact type of goats to go for. Below is a detailed explanation of the main types of goats in Nigeria.

Goats in Nigeria can be classified into two groups; either the local breeds or the foreign or exotic breeds.

Local Breeds

Red Sokoto Goats(Maradi Goats)

This is a type of local breed that is common in the Northern part of Nigeria. They are mostly small and red, even though some have black coats. As the name implies, they are mostly reared/found in Sokoto and Maradi.

They are mostly used for milk production and are suitable for goat farming in Nigeria.

Sahelian Goats

This type of local breed is reared in a wandering and nomadic environment. They are good for meat and skin production. A higher percentage of them are sold during festive ceremonies and celebration events.

You can identify them from other goats with their distinguishing features; long leg, narrow-body, and shallow chest. They have a low fertility rate and are not suitable for goats production.

West African Dwarf Goats

West African Dwarf Goats are the ones who are commonly reared in the Southern part of Nigeria. They are used for both milk and meat production.

As the name suggests, they aren’t big and always appeared stunted even though their fertility rate is high. They can produce multiple younger goats at the same time.

Pygmy Goats

Pygmy Goats are like Sahelian goats when it comes to sturdy and nomadic behavior. And resembles West African Dwarf goats in almost every aspect except that they do not produce milk but meat only.

They are only suitable for meat production only and are quite strong and aggressive. They also have a good survival rate against harsh weather.

Exotic/ Foreign Goats Breed

Boer Goats

These exotic goats breed are one of the most suitable for goat farming in Nigeria. It has a high rate of fertility and can multiply itself when taken care of well.

It’s also suitable for meat production; quite large in size, delicious, and full of nutrients. A good goats type for goat selling in Nigeria business.

Alpine Goats

They are mostly reared by goats farmers in Nigeria who are interested in selling milk commercially. The most strong and bearded goat breed is capable of producing huge liters of milk daily.

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They also have a high fertility rate as they can triple their number within 4 to 8 months. They are also sturdier and nomadic as they need plenty of food and water to grow healthy.

Anglo-Nubian Goats

This is another exotic goat breed that is friendly with humans as well as calm. They are used for milk, meat, and even skin production. They come in different colors and can strive in harsh weather conditions.

Conclusion: The Price of Goats in Nigeria With Their Types

Having read about the goat price in Nigerian and the types of goats, you should be able to choose which one to go for or buy. We hope you find our article on the price of a goat in Nigeria interesting?