How To Start A Vocational School In Nigeria

Start A Vocational School In Nigeria and help others attain financial security. Recently, the federal government lay off a large number of employees. These have been the case in many countries, in many establishments (government and private-owned) since the incident of the global meltdown. Following this layoff, many are now making the choice of entrepreneurship and are opting for vocational schools.

Nigeria is a country with over 170 million population of which a higher percentage of it is unemployed. Irrespective of this fact many are still fired from their jobs on a daily basis. Due to this trend, it has now dawned on many that there is no financial security in employment ( if you are lucky to get employed) besides how long will you search for a job when you can create jobs for yourself and others.
This among other reasons has increased the need for vocational schools in Nigeria.

Vocation is simply an occupation for which one is especially drawn, suited, trained, and qualified. A vocational school, on the other hand, refers to the institution of learning where students acquire special skills in other to start up a business of their own.
There is thousands of vocational school around the world which offers training in different business skills, many are government-established, some are attached to non-profit/ charity organization.

However, some are privately owned and are there to make money. Considering the present demand for vocational skills in Nigeria and your ambition to start up a vocational school below is a step-by-step guide that will help you start up successfully.

How to Start A Vocational School In Nigeria

Have a Reason

Before jumping into starting a vocational or skill acquisition center, have a reason, a driving force. Ask yourself some questions such as why do I want to start? What do I have to gain?

Be sincere when answering these questions. Do you want to start a vocational school just to make a profit? Or do you want to save lives by imbibing vocational knowledge to Nigerians?

Conduct Research

The next step to this business Is to do your homework. Conduct research- it’s indispensable, it helps you know more about the business and also helps you make the decision if you really want to start.

You can also attend a vocational school yourself to get the inner view of the business, learn about the challenges, how it is being run, how to teach, who to teach, and why is a vocational school set up in the first place.

Draw a Business Plan

Step two above would have helped you decide if really you have what it takes to start a skill acquisition center, if yes then draw a comprehensive plan which will help bring the whole business to a better concise understanding.

Business plans should entail, information about you and your partners, number of needed employees and their posts, location, cost of startup, desk and lab equipment needed, phone lines, advertisement budget, etc.

Registration/ Licensing

The vocational training institute is one that requires registration of business name through commissioned government regulatory body (C.A.C, in the case of Nigeria) and licenses to operate. Without these steps, your business is considered illegitimate and stands the chance of shutdown just like any other illegal school.

Get a Good Location

This is a crucial step towards the success of this business. The site or location of your vocational school determines the type and number of students to attend. Get a structured location near cities and a major road. Your vocational school structure should also be big and conducive for its purpose, properly furnished for comfort-ability of students and to contain the number of skill acquisition classes you have decided to offer.

Draw a Program Curriculum

It’s not just enough to have a general plan in this business; there is a need for a good program curriculum that will detail for every activity for every hour, every day, and every week –
-The subject to teach
– Learning objective
– Mode of teaching ( practical or theoretical)
– required learning material
– How students are to be accessed
– Split between lecture and lab time
– Best order to teach all the topics etc
The program curriculum should have the answers to this and more in full detail.

Commence Training

Haven achieved success in all the above steps; you may commence training of students for different skills. Start registration into different programs as dictated by your program curriculum.

Haven commenced training, it’s time we get the word out about our first-class vocational school, it’s time the masses know about your newly established vocational school. Advertisement draws more students.


Quality matters ensure the quality and expertise of every student enabling them to start up after successful training. This helps advertise your business more effectively than a billion-dollar advertisement budget.