8 Keys to a Happy and Successful Marriage

Happy and Successful Marriage

Every one desires happiness and success in all their endeavors, marriage is not left out. this desire for happiness have lead to many questions such as What are the Keys to a Happy and Successful Marriage? Happiness in marriage is the desire of every couple.  But only a few couples have happiness. The era of dating becomes officially over once you say I DO. Then another endless journey in life begins.

As a couple, it should be understood that a couple of things will change and they should be understood and moved along with


A Happy and Successful Marriage should possess the following:

  1. Transparency:

Though there should be privacy almost everything you go through, should be related to your partner, try as much as you can not hide anything.  This helps bring up understanding.

  1. Respect your wife as a man:

Women are help meet, but that doesn’t make them less human. They have emotions, and other features like you, they should be treated and spoken to with respect. Do not ever venture to beat her, abuse her or maltreat her.  Rather adore her, praise her and care for her.

  1. Women respect your man:

Be submissive to your man, care for him encourage him, help him acknowledge his area of weakness and help him to be better, rather than Nag, maltreat or even be a complete stranger in your home be a resourceful wife.

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  1. Stay loyal and be cooperative:

As a couple, each partner should let down their guides for the other, always go after peace whatever will cause so much trouble should be avoided. Let there always be collective goals that you both pursue collectively.

  1. Trust:

This is very important because marriages have a lot of scavengers, there are always People or things out there trying to tear your marriage apart, don’t ever take action for what you are told by others about your partner, see for yourself before you might want to take any action.

  1. Appreciate your partner:

here are so many things a partner will go to for the other when the result of all the trouble is presented to you, do not just down-grade it or make it seem worthless, rather appreciate first before any other thing.

  1. Say good and romantic words:

Very often you should say good and romantic words to your partner to just flatter him/her and say how much you love your partner to the face.

  1. Do lots of fun stuff with your partner:

just let your partner rock your world, and you will not have any reason to look elsewhere.

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Do very few of the “my” stuffs and do more of the “our” stuff.

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