Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria

Finance management is an important task for small business owners because it is integral for business survival. One of the crucial financial responsibilities that cannot be neglected by a business owner is payroll. It is one of the cumbersome financial tasks for businesses and also among the biggest expense for every organization. More so, payroll cannot be neglected as long as you have employees working in your organization. To effectively carry out this activity, we have compiled the Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria. read through to find out.

Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria

Processing payroll can be tedious because of the huge financial figure involved, thanks to the digital age where we now have tons of payroll software that can help you out making the task easy with just a click of a button. Because of the nature and importance of payroll, it is important that you carry out this process accurately and efficiently. If you have a hard time making a selection of payroll software for your business, we have highlighted below with further information 5 Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria.

  1. TalentBase
  2. PrimePayroll
  3. TAMS
  4. Sage One Payroll
  5. paydayNG
  • #1. TalentBase

Coming up at the first spot on our list of Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria is TalentBase Payroll software considered to be the best solution for small businesses in Nigeria and Africa at large. The software is designed with HR technology and payroll management solutions allowing business owners to effortlessly add employee pay, allowances, and other legal deductions into the software.  Mostly, it lets you remit payment directly into employees’ accounts.

To make this payroll online solution a complete whole, it also comes with features such as tax automation, expenses management for all employees, and as well automates the leave management process.

  • #2. PrimePayroll

Primepayroll is an enterprise cloud solution designed for Payroll and Human Resource Management for businesses of every size in Nigeria. The software is designed to help small businesses alleviate the stress of compiling payroll. It also helps in management tasks that foster daily managerial activities. PrimePayroll is simple to use and very efficient. More so, it offers you zero upfront cost implications of purchasing and setting up the system.  The online solution is optimized so that it can be conveniently used both on your computer and your mobile device so long as you are connected to the internet.

  • #3. TAMS

Taking us further in our discourse on Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria is yet another fantastic cloud-based solution, TAMS. The payroll management solution is affordable, user-friendly, and easy to use comes with numerous features that enhance payroll function as well as managerial activities. With TAMS business owners and managers can define an unlimited number of deductions and designate taxability and frequency for each. More so, the system is well equipped to help make plans for any form of employee benefit, loans, and contributions.

Also, added features allow employees to log into the system using their ID (username and password) since the software is a cloud-based solution.  Interestingly, this cloud-based solution can be used on the PC as well and also has a mobile application as well as online support in case of any challenge that is beyond your control.

  • #4. Sage One Payroll

Since the release of this cloud-based payroll solution in 2017, it has become one of the top best payroll software that is widely used in Nigeria. Sage One Payroll excellently integrates with its accounting software, offering a complete business solution that works fine for both start-up and small businesses.

Sage One Payroll internet solution is available round the clock and can be accessed from your PC or mobile phone provided you are connected to the internet. More so, the payroll solution is designed to render services including local tax and legal requirements, remitting of employee payments, and legal deductions. Aside from salary payment, it can also be used by business owners to calculate employee salary, wages, including deductions such as PAYE (pay as you earn) and other contributions to be deducted from employees’ earning.

  • #5. PayDayNG

Lastly, is PayDayNG also rated among the top best payroll solutions in Nigeria. PayDayNG is used by business owners and managers for everyday activities including transactions and every administrative activity. It performs a similar task to the aforementioned payroll systems such as perform payroll, deductions, and tax-related tasks effectively. More so, it is used to track all activities of an employee in an organization making it possible to monitor employees’ activities.

Among the incredible features, this software is equipped with is the role-based system that makes it easy to set up both employee role and that of authority. In addition, it also has a dashboard feature that is available for each employee and manager registered on the system.

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Conclusion on Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria

We have come to the end of our discussion on the Top Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria.

It is observed that small business owners face payroll management and HR challenges in the day-to-day administration of their businesses and that is why the incorporation of one of this software is important. It is key that you choose payroll software that will incorporate perfectly into your organization’s routine without causing any hitches or worsen the problem it was meant to solve. You shouldn’t just jump and pick anyhow software because it is popular but put some factors into consideration such as your company size, your current budget, the level of comfort and familiarity the payroll solution can offer, and how effective it is towards customer support, and so on.

With all that been said, you shouldn’t waste any more time selecting the payroll solution that will work for you having helped you narrowed your search down to five payroll solutions.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and find it helpful, so we will like to hear from you by giving us feedback.

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