Top Dating Sites and Apps in Nigeria

Technology has made everything simple including dating and meeting new people. There are numerous top Dating Sites and Apps in Nigeria that can help you achieve your aim. Whether you are looking for a casual or open relationship, devout and committed ones, or even a fling.

With these free online dating sites in Nigeria, you can now search your spec in the comfort of your room. For women looking for men and vice versa, this article contains hookup sites and apps that offer free online dating services.

You can now chat or message people in your neighborhood without roaming the streets on the free online dating sites below. Enough of the talk, let’s get down to business; listing the most popular top dating sites and apps in Nigeria.

List of Top Dating Sites and Apps in Nigeria

1. Friendlite

Friendlite since it was created in 2012 has been one of the best dating sites and apps in Nigeria. It has wide coverage in Nigeria and all other African countries. The online dating app was established by a Nigerian, Emmanuel Okeke with the aim of connecting singles for hookups.

Friendlite allows its users to share photos, create videos, chat, and interact with one another easily. It’s secured, safe, and free from spam.

You can actually download Friendlite on the play store only and not available for people using iPhones or Windows OS. It’s no doubt one of the best online dating sites for singles in Nigeria.

2. Nigerian Christian Singles

This dating site is designed for Christian singles who intend to date people of the same Christian faith and religious beliefs.

It does not only bring Christians together but it has also created a community of like-minded faithful who share views and ideas to grow genuine relationships amongst themselves.

This platform is one of the best dating sites and apps in Nigeria for single Christians. And it also provides dating guides and tips for its users and shares the testimonials of various members of the site who have been successful in finding love on the site. It also allows its users to send private messages and share files like pictures and videos amongst themselves.

3. Badoo

Badoo is a social networking app as well as one of the free dating sites and apps in Nigeria. It has over 314 million registered users. It helps in connecting and networking with people who live around your neighborhood.

Badoo is actually perfect for women/men looking for a casual date but a long relationship can be developed also. Unlike Friendlite, it can be downloaded on Apple Store, play store, and even on Windows OS.

Like another social networking app, you can block intruders on it. You can also view pictures of users, do live videos, and many others. Badoo is one of the best dating apps in Nigeria where free dating services can be accessed.

4. Naijaplanet

Najaiplanet remains a central attraction for men and women in Nigeria looking for free online dating sites. The Nigeria free dating website was established in 2008. About 44,000 registered members with 3000 daily visits are recorded on Naijaplanet.

Are you looking for an open friendship, flirting, a nightstand, a casual date, and probably marriage? Naijaplanet is one of the best online dating sites in Nigeria you should look out for.

5. Tinder

Tinder is another location-established best dating app in Nigeria with a simple outlook. It’s quite easy to navigate. It’s also one of the most popular dating apps among Nigerians.

On the Tinder app, you choose your match by swiping left and right after choosing your location. Swiping right means you agreed to a particular match and swiping left means the opposite. It doesn’t work in Nigeria alone. You can also chat and play games freely on tinder.

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6. E-Harmony

E-Harmony is one of the top dating sites and apps in Nigeria, for singles who need real love with commitment. On this dating website, you aren’t the one to choose your match. The E-Harmony algorithm does that for you.

Your match or date is selected based on 149 questions you filled out when creating your account on the free online dating site. About 4% of marriages in the US and some in Nigeria and Kenya are attributed to the doings of the dating site.

E-Harmony was created in the year 2000 in Los Angeles, California extending its dating services to the UK, Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries. E-Harmony is also free to register on but you may need to pay for a more rich experience.

7. Hinge

Hinge is also one of the dating sites and apps in Nigeria that offers free online dating services to singles. Like E-Harmony, it’s also for a serious relationship with commitment.

It’s not a casual hookup site but for a long-lasting relationship owing to its features. Hinges connect based on interest, religion, heights, and pictures. It restricts users from messaging others except for the matched date. Hence, it’s not good for flirting.

Hinge is mostly used by elites who are looking forward to a devout relationship that can lead to marriage. Hinge is free to register on but for a premium experience, you may need to pay for it.

8. Zoosk

This is one of the top free online dating sites and apps in the world. You can send messages for free, look profiles up, and connect with others. It’s perfect for friendship soulmates, love, or even flirting.

You can also share videos and audio on dating sites. It can also be referred to as a social networking app.

9. MeetNigerians

This is a mature and popular dating site in Nigeria. It’s mainly for classy Nigerians who either live abroad or at home. A larger percentage of the users are Nigerians based in the US, UK, and other foreign nations.

If you are looking for something serious with Nigerians living abroad, then this is one of the best dating sites in Nigeria to register with.

10. is one of the best online dating sites in Nigeria that is location established. It segments users, especially African girls based on their locations and state.

It’s also free to use and won’t require any card. You can also search for a guy based on their resident’s locations if you are a woman looking for a man.

11. Afroromance

This is one of the best dating online sites in Nigeria with no interracial confinement. It’s perfect for black girls who want to get married to a white husband and vice versa.

It also matches users based on their face(pictures), age, and interests. Afroromance is also free to use. Best at matching and connecting lovers with no race or religious confinement. It’s also one of the best dating sites and apps in Nigeria, free and safe from scams.

Love can be found anywhere, we advise you to be less rigid and make use of our list of top dating sites in Nigeria. We hope you find whatever relationship you are looking for.