United Bank of Africa (UBA) Salary Structure in Nigeria

With a total client base of over 12 million, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Africa’s number one (1) global bank, is one of the most efficient and customer-centric banks in Nigeria. The United Bank of Africa (UBA) Salary Structure for entry-level and experienced employees will be discussed in this post.

  • How much does United Bank for Africa (UBA) pay its staff?
  • What is the wage structure at United Bank for Africa (UBA)?
  • As a new graduate, what salary does United Bank for Africa (UBA) offer? S
  • The salary scale for United Bank for Africa (UBA)?

And many other related topics will be explored in this article.

About United Bank Of Africa (UBA)

1948 Britannique and French Bank Limited (BFB) began doing business in Nigeria in 1896. BFB was a subsidiary of Banque Nationale de Credit (BNCI) Paris.

On 23rd February 1961, following Nigeria’s independence from Britain, UBA was formed to take over the activities of BFB. UBA’s shares were finally floated on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) (NSE)

It was the first Nigerian bank to float its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1970. (IPO)

Standard Trust Bank, founded in 1990, and UBA, one of the biggest and oldest banks in Nigeria, combined in 1990 to form UBA. In 2005, it was one of the biggest mergers on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). In the same year, UBA acquired Continental Trust Bank, significantly increasing the UBA brand’s presence. Also in 2006, UBA purchased Trade Bank from the Central Bank of Nigeria, which was in the process of liquidation (CBN).

It also acquired three liquidated banks, including City Express Bank, Metropolitan Bank, and African Express Bank, in 2007. As a result of the acquisition of Afrinvest UK, the bank rebranded the company as UBA Capital (UK). After acquiring Gulf Bank and Liberty Bank, UBA’s drive to establish a strong local and African brand increased in 2008.

It has also acquired 51 percent of Burkina Faso’s largest bank with a 40 percent market share, Banque Internationale du Burkina Faso (BIBF), as well as establishing UBA Cameroon, UBA Côte d’Ivoire, UBA Uganda, UBA Sierra Leone, and UBA Liberia. Currently, UBA has 20 subsidiaries across the continent of Africa.

As a result of the numerous accolades it has received throughout the years, UBA continues to be a leader in the financial services business in Africa. Aiming to provide exceptional customer service, they are at the forefront of innovation on the continent.

Why Choose the United Bank of Africa (UBA)

  • Strong Liquidity & Large Balance Sheet Size

In all the markets we operate in, we are able to compete at the top of the market. Due to our large balance sheet, aside from being amongst the top 10 best banks in Nigeria, we are always the bank of choice when it comes to large transactions in Africa.

As a stand-alone funder or a lead arranger in syndicated arrangements, we have been involved in numerous large transactions. Amongst others, we have continually played a leadership role in arranging to fund important sectors of the African economy.

  • A Wide Range of Species in Africa

This means we can follow our clients and their enterprises beyond national lines. We provide them with all the assistance they need for their business and personal comfort, no matter where they chose to travel or do business or reside across the continent of Africa.”

It’s not just that we’re in London, New York, and Paris, but also that we’ve got a significant presence in the area. It’s a unique position that no African bank can claim. You can open an account, easily check your account number, and do most bank transactions from your comfort.

  • Personnel multilingue et multiculturale

In addition, we have a team that is fluent in the three primary worldwide languages: English, French, and Portuguese. Our customers are never at a loss with their transactions at the bank, no matter which language they choose to deal in.

  • Customer Base Diverse

UBA offers a wide spectrum of consumers from different ethnicities, cultures, and languages. As well as small company owners, we serve as lenders to some of the world’s largest companies. HNIs, as well as retail consumers, are also served.

  • Reputation in the public sector

A solid working connection exists between us and the public sector in all our countries of operation. We provide financial assistance to the public sector, while also addressing their long-term infrastructure funding demands.

How Much United Bank of Africa (UBA) Pay Their Staff

According to Asian Bankers, United Bank for Africa (UBA) is now one of the top 10 biggest banks in Nigeria, with a net worth of over 4.5 billion US Dollars as of today’s date.

Recently, we published a piece on the top 10 highest-paying banks in Nigeria and their payment structures. United Bank for Africa (UBA) was one of the top 10 banks on the list.

Staff at United Bank for Africa (UBA) have over the years enjoyed higher salaries owing to the bank’s Human Resource Management team.

As with other old and new-generation banks in Nigeria, United Bank for Africa’s (UBA) wage structure for entry-level employees is in six (6) figures. Senior banking executives get as much as 600,000 Naira and higher, excluding bonuses and other profit-sharing that accrue to workers.

This essay will be of great value to young graduates seeking employment at United Bank for Africa (UBA) as well as experienced professionals from other banks who are considering a move to UBAbank for one reason or the other.

What compensation do you expect from United Bank for Africa (UBA)? without doing any study, is a common question posed at job interviews. As a result, you’re completely unsure of how much money to mention.

While you do not want to frighten the interviewer away with a high pay expectation knowing that you do not have the needed experience for the job, you also do not want to feel deceived and underpaid.

In this post, we’ll show you how to do just that in a clear and efficient manner. If you give the appropriate answers to questions asked during an interview, it will take precedence over the so-called required experience for the job, because you are already being tested on the position that you have applied for.

75 percent of job seekers undervalue themselves in order to increase their chances of being hired. This has a negative effect on the staff’s performance and morale.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) pays its entry-level workers and even SBOs a competitive salary, which makes the above a thing of the past for job applicants (Senior Banking Officers).

If you are thinking of applying for a position with United Bank for Africa, you are in excellent shape. Although banks pay well, you’ll agree that they have a lot of duties and that turnover is high, so you’ll need to be on top of your game when it comes to job retention.

United Bank for Africa is not left out as this is a typical practice among banks in Nigeria. However, United Bank for Africa is one of the latest participants in the Nigerian job market and they must be given appropriate respect for this.

Salary structure at UBA – UBA is pretty enticing, but it might be improved. However, keep in mind that the duties linked to this position are rather rigorous, so prepare yourself.

Who is the Graduate Trainee at United Bank for Africa and how much is paid?

Like other new-generation banks like FCMB (First City Monument Bank), Heritage Bank, Zenith, Fidelity, and others, you will be required to attend a four (4) month of United Bank for Africa bank training school after you have been hired as a graduate.

It is a blend of both theoretical and practical training that prepares newly hired employees for the task ahead and helps them become accustomed to the internal workings of the United Bank for Africa.

In preparation for the 4 months of mandatory training, all trainees are sent on a two-week compulsory attachment with various UBA branches in the city. Upon completion of the program, successful students are picked, while failed trainees are returned home.

As part of the training program, United Bank for Africa (UBA) pays its Graduate Trainees N40,000 a month for a period of four months.

Is there a minimum wage for entry-level employees at United Bank for Africa – UBA?

We have reached the point in the post where we are going to reveal the compensation structure for entry-level full-time workers at United Bank for Africa (UBA). No need to fear, we’re going to whet your appetite if you have friends or family who work at United Bank for Africa (UBA).

Monthly Salary Structure for United Bank for Africa (UBA) 2021

UBA as of now offers one of the finest wage structures for fresh graduates, as stated above (Entry Level Staff). UBA pay 40,000 Naira for entry-level worker and this is ignoring additional incentives and profit-sharing normally carried out near their financial year-end.

  • UBA For entry-level staff, the salary structure is: N80,000
  • Management level UBA Salary N125,000 per month.
  • UBAFor Senior Banking Officers at the Management Level N84,000 is the monthly salary scale for this position.


If you find yourself in a position where you are asked how much United Bank for Africa – UBA pays its entry-level workers or senior banking executives, we hope the preceding information was helpful enough and that your response would be valid based on the above facts.