Valentine’s Day Gifts Ladies Won’t Accept

It’s funny how many relationships end or go into fights just after Valentine. Though both parties tend to act ignorant or what could have caused it, have you guys ever wondered about the effects your Valentine’s day gift had on your loved ones? Here, we provide you with the list of Valentine’s Day Gifts Ladies Won’t Accept. A gift is part of love, there is no love without a gift. if you love, then prove it with your gifts.

In just a few days to 2022 Valentine, 9jatoday has made some observation on the kind of gifts Nigerian ladies do reject and easily get upset with, and we have seen it fit to call to your attention so as to avoid being embarrassed in this season of Love.

This media platform understands that despite efforts put in place by some men in an attempt to present gifts to their spouses during Valentine’s, some of them get rubbished in the end, and this is no good an experience.

How painful it is as a man after you have sacrificed your time, money, and efforts to purchase gifts for a lady and she ends up rejecting it. That is seriously a bad one.

However, all men should also understand that it is not all gifts that women do accept.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ladies Won’t Accept

Below are common gifts that most ladies do not appreciate.



Flowers, despite all their beauty and uniqueness, can be so annoying with some ladies.

Unlike in the Western world where flowers are highly welcomed from both ends. Though some still appreciate it, 85% of ladies won’t have you bring flowers to them as their only gift.

Not every woman really appreciates flowers. So Brothers, uncles, do something more romantic and worthwhile. Instead, do consider doing one or all of these 5 Special Treatments To Give Your Love on Valentine’s day. They will love it.

Greeting Cards

Gift card

Gone are the days when greeting cards burst ladies’ brains. We are no longer in that era. Although if you can buy the greeting card and attach it to a heart-melting gift, then will a woman appreciate it. And of course, her total attention is only caught up with the bigger gift, and not the card first.

In those days when a guy drafts a love letter or buys his bae a greeting card with love quotes, it’s enough for the season. Lol, not anymore. So don’t go and buy her cards and thinks she will appreciate it, My brother, buy something that worth the Love to some extent. Don’t forget to confess your love, spice it up a little, learn How to Say “I Love You” In Different Languages, then communicate your love in different languages.


Gift Pillow

I remember some years back when the pillow trend started, a guy during valentine’s will just buy a pillow and possibly with a greeting card to attach and that’s a romantic gift already.

The perception then was that when she sleeps with the pillow or holds it to her chest, all she will be thinking of is her man and will be blushing and missing him. Lol, It works then, but not anymore.

If you try that now am sure she will tear it off in your presence and scattered it all over your face. However, if you wish to buy a pillow thinking she will love it, please do attach it with one or more valuable gifts.

So guy, please be more romantic and caring this season. Buy them better gifts, take them to places and enjoy every moment in the Valentine. Don’t forget to send sweet text messages. if you don’t know what to send, check out this, 30 Sweet And Romantic Valentine Text Messages To Loved Ones

Happy Valentine Day in advance.

Meanwhile, I am yet to get my Val. Please come and be my Val.


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