Dating: 10 Things You Should Know Before Saying Yes

While dating, making it work these days requires combining different variables in the predetermined quantity and at the right time to get that enviable dating experience that you would want to hold on to forever. unfortunately, these variables start with you before you even say yes to start dating. The importance of knowledge in a relationship between male and female cannot be over-emphasized enough, you have to know what you are getting into before you even start so therefore in this article, we will examine 10 advice pointers of dating.

10 Advice Pointers of Dating: 10 Things You Should Know Before Saying Yes

1) Be Open About Yourself

It is important to avoid starting a relationship without disclosing your gender identity or sexual orientation to your partner. While it can still be tolerated if you’re young, it is inexcusable for those that are old enough as it is selfish and insensitive for one to allow a partner to undergo that type of emotional torture.

2) Get Over Your Past 

Stay away from a relationship if you know you have unresolved issues to deal with. People are always reluctant to assist you with baggage from a previous relationship(s).

3) Know when Its Time to Start Dating

Going into a relationship is needless if your target is to feed on your partner’s energy so as to fill a vacuum in your life. Any relationship plans should be jettisoned if you are lonely and not ready to fill the emptiness in your life on your own. The right time for a relationship is when your life is in proper shape and you are satisfied with your single status just like the other person. With that achieved you can both be beneficial to each other in the relationship.

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4) Learn to Trust

Trust is an important feature of a relationship, which is why you must be able to trust your partner with any information in addition to achieving honesty and communication in your relationship. Explore being diplomatic often in your relationship and be attentive to how your partner responds to things and most especially be transparent about your expectations for the relationship to avoid any future problems.

5) Know if you are Compatible

It is essential to add physical attraction to your partner to share things in common with them in a relationship. Having both is really important as physical attraction without sharing things in common is like having a friend with benefits, or a trick while having everything in common without physical attraction would be just like having a friend.

6) Be S*x Educated

S*x is often overlooked in relationships however its importance is huge and immense to the healthiness of a relationship. Lack of sex in a relationship could force you to start seeking alternatives outside after some time whether in an open or forced relationship or when you lose physical connection with your partner. Morning After Pill: 10 Things You Should Know

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Self-control is a good attribute to possess however not everyone has it therefore it is difficult to stay in a relationship based on love and security without sex, which is why people look for better options when they outgrow the one with them.

7) Know When to Leave and Be Ready to Leave

Abuse is something no one no matter how small or big should stand for in a relationship. Many will always stay in an abusive relationship as a result of the special feelings they have towards their partner however it makes more sense to explore other options as there are a lot of people that will complement you irrespective of how pessimistic you are about the idea.

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8) Stay Positive

In continuation of the last pointer, always advertise yourself in a positive light rather than a negative one even in the midst of frustrations that you are unable to meet anyone or just left an abusive relationship.

Negativity will always be a turn-off for people for the fear of being infectious to them therefore to this effect, always promote positivity while displaying your best assets and be sure to release the emotional baggage from the previous relationship before entering a new one.

9) Be Confidence

Confidence in yourself is required in a relationship therefore if you don’t measure up there is no need to start a relationship. Loving yourself is the first cardinal rule of dating and that is a must before you think about loving anybody else.

10) Know Who to Date

It is advisable to steer clear of dating close friends and social circle associates as we know the majority of these relationships end in a short period and they are capable of altering the social dynamic within your circle making things awkward for all and sundry whether the break up was on good or bad grounds. Many are guilty of being involved with their “ex” after a break-up, a situation that is against the second cardinal rule of dating, which clearly states that you don’t turn someone you have dated before into your personal property and they have the freedom to be with whoever pleases them. It is two wholes to double the whole rather than two halves to make a whole.

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