Valentine’s Day: 5 Special Treatments To Give Your Spouse

As we draw close to the end of January, one needs to understand some special treatments to give his spouse on valentine’s day.

Aside from going to the club, shopping mall, boutiques, and other expensive gatherings during this valentine’s day, there are special things one can do that will spark the event with his lover.

February 14th is already at the corner, and love will fill the air again as usual. lol.

Talking about Special Treatments To Give Your Spouse, many have always assumed that valentine’s day to be a time of extravagant spending with their loved ones. Some even end in breaking up their relationship to avoid unnecessary spending on their partner. That is totally the wrong thing to do.

There are quite a numbers of things one can do for his lover without spending much money or anything even.

You just need to know your woman, then plan how to turn things the other way and still make her feel on top of the world. Before we delve into it, check out the Valentine’s Day Gifts Ladies Won’t Accept and ensure you don’t get caught in it.

See 5 Special Treatments To Give Your Spouse

1. Creative/Surprise Outing:

When people hear the word “Am taking you out”, the first thing that runs on their mind is somewhere to lavish money and enjoy life to the fullest.

No, it is not always like that. Not all women want your money, even some that do still want their man to be creative.

On this point; you can send her a Romantic Valentine Text Message, take your woman to a loving gathering, plan behind her with a singer/guitarist, get the attention of everyone with a prank, while in the confusion of what is happening, let your singer come from an angle and start playing her most loved song while so sing along holding her with warmth.

I bet you, even without buying her a bottle come for the day, that event alone will record a long-term lasting memory in her heart.

2. Make Her A Delicious Meal

Most women can argue till eternity that they can cook more than men. Well, it’s true for some who can’t cook well.

My brother, even if it will cost you time to secretly learn how to cook her best meal, do.

Tell her before the time that you are hosting her and that you will make her best meal on that day. This is enough to let her forget other pocket-breaking events.

Get your ingredient ready, welcome her with good music and treat her like the queen she is. Keep her engaged with love terms while you prepare the meal in the kitchen. Yes, she might want to poke her nose in your cooking, don’t worry tell her to settle down and learn your own way of making the meal. Don’t argue with her the way it’s been cooked. Just tell her this is another good method, let her learn even if it’s not the real method. After all, you are a man. Lol.

This looks funny, but Be rest assured that you will melt her heart with this lovely moment. And you will save some cost from going out to eat some junk.

3. Take Her to the Beach or (Any Safe River Area)

Don’t forget, Valentine is not all about eating and dining, gifting, and spending. It’s about love. Take her to the beach, you must not necessarily swim. Just get there do you little drama, photos shots, possibly get some Ice cream. Find a place to seat with her, appreciate the time you have been with her, praise her so much and forget yourself, you know women love when they are praised.

After then, apologies for your wrongs, you don’t need to ask her to do the o same, she will fall to tears or laugh and the same to you. Give her some cuddles and enjoy the most amazing moment.

This will create a big space for more love and understanding between you both.

4. Special Photoshoots

Women can so love photos, am sure you know that. Get a makeover artist that can paint her like she has a beauty contest to attend. Pay for it and move next to photographs, take styles she never imagined before, you must not go crazy with this, just make sure’ it’s unique and memorable. Print some copies and let the social media have some trends if you are the social vibe type. Make sure you avoid nudes to be on the safer side.

5. Money

I know your mins struck on this, like how, why money? Don’t worry you do not need to break a bank.

Nothing gives a woman joy like money. If this is the only thing you can do to her that month, she wouldn’t mind as far as comes to her at the right time.

Have her account ahead of the day. Immediately 12:am rings, let your money alter be her Valentine message. I tell you, she will at that moment forget every previous pain and offense. Coupled with the money, send her a romantic text and owns her day.

a summary, on thievery valentine’s day, makes sure you do something beautiful, creative, and unique for your woman. Avoid the usual way of going to eat Shawarma, Ice cream, Cold-stone, and the rest. Try out something new, something that will create a long-lasting experience and memory.

The above is applicable to both Men and Women. You just need to understand it make something out of it.


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