Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders can Visit


Have you ever wondered if a Nigerian can ever leave Nigeria without going through normal hassles of Visa processing? below is a list of Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders can Visit.

Life is short and it is meant to be lived to the fullest which is where the issue of traveling makes an entrance? To many, life is boring without traveling and existence without exploration and new experiences, both scholars of traveling, is meaningless.

The path of travel can be likened to a pursuit of happiness with abundant opportunities to learn, spread knowledge, grow and emerge out of one’s shells. Life is not static. “You have to keep moving. You are not a tree.” Benefits associated with you traveling include having new experiences, time to think about big questions of your life, gaining a new perspective, learning about different cultures, great academic and scholastic values, discovering your personality, appreciating the glory of nature, deepening the bond with family and expanding your awareness.

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It is no secret that millions of Nigerians are denied visas to other countries on a yearly basis as they attempt to fulfill their traveling needs/desires but what is unknown to many is that there are several countries a Nigerian passport holder can visit without having to go through the rigors of getting a visa for those countries.

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Some countries, however, require you to obtain a visa immediately you land on their shores. A selected few will allow you to stay for a stipulated period of time before you are expected to get a visa while others don’t require any visa irrespective of how long you spend there.

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The majority of the countries that a Nigerian passport holder can visit without visas are based in Africa and this is facilitated by the new passport introduced via the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to promote togetherness with other countries within the ECOWAS region.

Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders can Visit


Benin Republic

Cape Verde

Dominican Republic






Sri Lanka

In addition to this, the demand to leave Nigeria and her challenging economic scenery, which is largely due to bad governance and has led to problems such as high cost of living, lack of basic amenities, high unemployment rate and so on, for those countries is lower in comparison to developed and Grade A countries such as the United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom, etc but many Nigerians care less as long as they are armed with new opportunities to pursue their targets.

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Finally, Nigeria as a nation is blessed with a lot of natural resources, which makes her the envy of others. To this effect, migration to countries that do not require a visa for immigration as a Nigerian should be almost non-existent but the country’s economic situation coupled with the determination of Nigerians to seek greener pastures elsewhere has made that impossible to achieve.


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