What Nigerians Miss Most When They Travel Abroad

The reasonable level of comfort that many Nigerians experience when they travel abroad is often overemphasized. This seeming luxury has prompted a large number of Nigerians to seek greener pastures in foreign lands.

Despite the attraction traveling abroad reveals, there is a constant nostalgic feeling about home and country many of them feel. As the popular saying goes, here are the five most important things that they miss dearly when a Nigerian travels abroad.

1. The regular Owambe parties:

We Nigerians love to party. At gigs, we adorn unique resplendent attires popularly referred to as ‘aso ebi’(for the family) . The music, dance, flamboyant hairstyles and the spraying of raw cash at these parties are what make Nigerian parties different.  The organizers are often worried at a large number of uninvited guests who will gatecrash the party, just so they can have a little of the fun. Even if they host a  similar owambe abroad, it can never be like the ones we host back home.

2.  Solidarity among loved ones :

Family, friends and loved ones are everything to typical Nigerian. Your well-being often revolves around them. They are always there when you need them to be. They offer you a sense of belonging and solidarity. You do not feel like a lone individual. Any Nigerian that is abroad will always miss this sense of solidarity because in other parts of the world you are not given this nature of the treatment. This is because of the ‘love individual syndrome ‘that prevails in the western world.

3. Hot Lagos hustle:

 Who would not miss regular Lagos hustle? Waking up as early as 4 am, to beat the notorious traffic, the dirtiness, and restlessness of the Lagos bus drivers, the bus conductor, the small kiosk, police, and Lastma wahala, they do you know I am hype and much more. You will always find hilarious things about Lagos. So ones a Lagosian step out of the country he misses the flow.

4. Yes, Street food:

Is it Akara, kuli kuli, moi moi, kokoro, kilishi, palm wine, roasted corn, boli, and  Isi-Ewu? In Nigeria, You will find even top executives patronizing the women selling these street foods. They are very tasty you know! You will definitely miss street food when you leave the country.

5. Taxes:

The drive for the collection of taxes is incomparable with the way it is done in the western or developed world. This a large amount is sliced off your salary as tax in the western world. That is even before it waters your account. In Nigeria however, the tax system is a bit lopsided. You will pay tax but at least, you will not be jailed for tax evasion. This will change in the near future because the tax is essential in developing nations. Although the law of evasion stands it is not as strictly implemented as it is in the western world. Only government and corporate workers get their taxes taken from their salary. 

6. Market Bargains

For Nigerians, shopping is fun only when we can bargain. for the wistful bargainers that will never want to feel cheated, and the wistful seller’s that will never let their kobo go home with customers, the feeling is never the same. As in developed countries, you are never given the opportunity to bargain as everything has been price tagged.

7. Pidgin English

Leaving in Nigeria remains fun if not for anything the Slangs and other crude homemade pidgins English that Nigerians often dish out and comes to trend everyone in a while. Earlier we compiled the 10 Most Popular Slangs Used In Nigeria And Their Meaning, you will never get that in developed countries as there are no such things as Pidgin over there.

8. Free Car Parks

Defaulting in car parks Nigeria often comes with no booking as compared to traffic police laws in developed countries. In Nigeria, you are free to park anywhere and you owe nobody anything.

9.Great Climate:

Nigeria and most other African countries are blessed with good climatic conditions and you don’t have to worry about Snow, Hurricanes, Tornados or other of such nightmares experienced in Most developed countries of the word.

10. Affordable Housing:

Most Nigerian Cities in Nigeria apart from Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt have affordable Housing and most citizens in most cities own their own houses.

This is but an excerpts of what you will miss when you travel outside of Nigeria, cause truth remains the saying, No place like home. nevertheless, its good to travel, experience other people’s cultures and values giving you a chance to miss Nigeria and invariably make you cherish what you got. 🙂


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