10 Agricultural Business Ideas With Low Startup Capital

In today’s post, we are going to inform you about the best Agricultural Business Ideas With Low Startup Capital that you can start and have a huge yield. What are the most lucrative agricultural business ideas that one can start with low capital?

With a population of over 150 million people, Nigeria is a country with many opportunities, especially as the economy solely depends on crude oil and food are being imported from neighboring countries or from other continents.

We have many people turning blind eye to agriculture mainly because they all want to work in the office, Nigerians love white-collar jobs thereby ignoring the main honey pot, this has made agriculture to be less saturated and it can never be difficult to sell out their farm produce.

You can make your research and ask those into agriculture how lucrative it is, an office job cant get you the kind of money you will make from agriculture.

Why You Should Consider Agriculture Business In Nigeria

Proven Business Opportunities Over the Years

Before the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria, we depend solely on agriculture and our economy is one of the best, even better than the USA economy.

This is enough reason for you to start an agric business, it is very important if you really want to make a huge income within a short period of time and this will one way or the other have a positive effect on the nation’s economy.

High Demand For Food

Food is one major commodity that is mostly needed in every part of the world, much needed than petroleum or other crude components. This should give you a foresight about the reason why you should start an agric business.

Do you know the most interesting part? You can always do other business or go to your normal office job without it affecting your agriculture business, it gives way for more income.

Easy to Startup

If you really want to become a prolific businessman then agriculture is the answer to getting rich quickly. I am sure you already have a conviction about this that is why you are reading this post so as to know the agriculture business ideas with low capital in Nigeria and how to start one.

Have Produced Successful Entrepreneurs

Now let us mention a few names of those in the agricultural business and are making it huge from this business; Admiral Murtala Nyako (Sebore Farms), Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited), General Abdulsalam Abubakar (Maizube Farms).

Those names mentioned above are the ones we know you must be familiar with and we are sure you know they are big wigs in Nigeria, they are a force to reckon with.

Now you might be thinking about those names because they already had their money before venturing into agric business, yes but the reason for this post is that you too can venture into it even with low capital and have double or even three times the amount you invested based on the kind of farming you chose to go with.

Lucrative Agricultural Business Ideas With Low Capital In Nigeria

Without wasting much of your time, let us quickly examine the 6 most lucrative agricultural businesses with low capital in Nigeria.


fish farming

I particularly love this than any other agricultural business, just my best choice of farming, doesn’t really mean it is more lucrative than others. Though fish farming is one of the best agricultural business ideas.

Fish farming is very lucrative and has a very high market demand because guess what? fish farming also has a shortage of supply, so there is a high demand for it and also we have few people that are into it.

You too should reason this, imagine you buying a fingerling of fish (baby fish) for N3 and at the end of 4 months you sell it for N700 or higher, then you know this is the real honey pot I’ve been talking about.

With the necessary steps and plans in place, you can never have a bad market or risk fear when it comes to fish farming, and all you need is just a small piece of land for a start, can be your backyard even with a bowl or mini tanks and with certainty I tell you within the next two sales you make you will be able to upgrade and even get a land.

You can upgrade depending on how huge you want to earn, and I am sure within a few months getting plots of lands or even acres won’t be a problem, also owning a fish farm, huge profit is guaranteed.

The kind of fish we are talking about is Catfish and the Catfish is majorly rare in Nigeria so there is a demand in the market for it.



Poultry farming also made it one our top 6 most lucrative Agricultural business ideas in Africa, most especially in Nigeria and you can as well start with low capital. You can start your poultry production in Nigeria with a small cage.

Note that poultry farming is based on the rearing of different species of chickens for the sake of egg production or for meat consumption.

As we all know eating chicken provides protein that your body needs better than red meat and nobody won’t likes to eat chicken as it is one of the most sourced. We have the “Layers” that are specifically geared to produce huge numbers of eggs.

We also have the “Broilers” which are mainly reared for eating and also sold at bars or barbecued for restaurants, parties, and even eaten in homes.

Though poultry farming is an already saturated farming business yet the sky is wide enough, it also has a huge demand and you will do well and have your sales because we are aware there is a shortage of supply too.

There is a huge amount being spent on the importation of chicken in 20013 which is over N600 billion, of which the government is now trying to concentrate on local production of poultry products. Now think about this if you have your own units being supplied, this is the best time to take advantage of poultry farming.

Based on our research, poultry farming has for so long and to date produced huge profits for poultry farmers.



Another lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria we will like to inform you about is Snail farming. We all know snail is one of the most consumed meat in Nigeria and Africa at large, and one other thing, it is the meat which the rich love most and you should know they will be very expensive.

Snails are the meat in a shell and vary in size depending on the species and the feeding, a medium-sized snail goes for about N500 in the market.

Snail farming is a lucrative business in Nigeria that you should look into, not much stress in rearing them and within a few months, you have a huge number to sell out.

Snail farming isn’t saturated as we have just a few farmers that are into it. It has a high market demand and is mostly being sold at bars, restaurants, and hotels yet the demand is not being met. Joining the league of snail farming will yield a huge profit that will surprise you.


How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria

Grasscutter farming is the act of breeding or rearing grasscutters as a business for micro livestock, commercial purposes, and for agricultural purposes. Grasscutter farming has so far been proven to be in high demand with a shortage of supply.

It is a very lucrative business that every business-minded individual should take advantage of as it is a great source of income for the person rearing it and for the economy of the nation.

How Much Does Grasscutter Cost in Nigeria?

The price of a matured market-ready grasscutter in Nigeria ranges between N4,000 to N5,500 while the colonies of grasscutters could be priced and sold between N35,000 to N40,000, while 500 pieces of grasscutter can earn you up to 2 million to 2.7 million Naira.

How does that sound? Profitable I guess …

Though depending on the size and area, colonies can sometimes be sold for as high as N80,000.



Another lucrative Agricultural Business idea you can do in Nigeria is Rabbits Farming. They are beautiful creatures that you would enjoy being with even as you rare them for the aim of selling.

Have you eaten a rabbit before? If not then you should have a bite, rabbit meat is one of the best and most tasty meats ever. This kind of farming is advised to be done in a different way.

You need to buy an adult male and female rabbit to start the business and with time they will multiply because they do have plenty of offspring and within a few months you will have hundreds of rabbits to sell out.

One other thing you need to know about rabbit rearing is that you don’t need to buy food as you can get the feeds from the bush.

You have to be very neat to do this business because rabbits don’t like dirt, and you should have a small well-constructed cage to start small and with the time you upgrade based on your choice, if you wish to, I bet you will wish to.



No doubt Goat meat is one of the sweetest meat and it has that special scent it gives to your soup, This kind of meat is very expensive to get in the market, maybe because of its sweetness.

Goat rearing is a very lucrative business to do, See The Current Price of Goats in Nigeria you don’t have to worry about treatments or food, they eat anything, funny though. There is also a very high demand for goat meat in the market which is one of the farming you are advised to invest in.

Goat rearing is just too easy, you can start the rearing right on your compound, just get the male and female adult and start reading, in no time you will have them in the tens and start making a profit from goat farming.


Dairy farming is the act of rearing dairy animals for the sole purpose of extracting from animals like milk, cheese, and other refined extracts like yogurt from agriculture.

Though buying a cow for this kind of farming is expensive but rearing cows is easy to do if you can’t afford a cow then you can also go for goats, as it is proven that goat milk is even more nutritious with more quality taste than that of a cow.

The main objective of a good milk producer is to produce safe and quality milk for the public. To achieve this, certain standards must be met in terms of hygiene and equipment integrity.


Most crop farmers have one common enemy which is a weed, and with this kind of service then you are the farmers’ choice, this is a very lucrative business yet to be tapped by Nigerians.

People do look down on this kind of business but believe me, there is a high need for those rendering this service. One interesting thing about it is that you can do it as a side business and earn your dough.

If you are a weak killer producer then you can market your product to those who need it most.


Livestock rent could sound strange or new to you, do you know that if you are a cattle farmer you can make money with your cattle just by renting them out for bush clearing purposes?

Livestock rearing is a very lucrative business that can be taken as a side business because there is little demand for it, as you know we don’t have many farmers in Nigeria.

The most used animals are goats as they eat a lot, you are paid to and at the same time, your goats eat so it is a win-win situation.

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Wool production will always be lucrative no matter the economy as wools are used to make essential materials like clothing by textile industries and also for medical purposes just to mention a few.

There is a high demand for this and we advise you to focus on the animal type which is the rearing of sheep.

You rear sheep and make money from them by shearing their furs you can do this multiple times during their lifetime as more will grow and you can later decide to sell the sheep or consume them yourself.

Now look at it this way, imagining having many sheep, you can tell the income will be massive.

There you have it, Top Most Lucrative Agricultural Business Ideas to start today with the little you have and see it to success. if you have a question, feel free to ask using the comment section below.

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