Biography of Annie Idibia – Everything you Need to Know About 2face Idibia Wife

There is a high probability that you must have heard of the supportive 2face Idibia wife, Annie Idibia. Although she has a career of her own, being a model and actress but she is well known as the wife of Innocent Idibia (2face Idibia), a popular Nigerian musician.

Annie Macaulay Idibia popularly referred to as 2face Idibia’s wife hails from Eket in Akwa-Ibom, although she was born in Ibadan, Oyo state on November 13, 1984. She is a model, actress, brand ambassador, and mother of 2. She is currently married to 2face Idibia whom she had those daughters with.

Continue reading Annie Idibia biography to learn more about 2face Idibia’s wife history, marriage, family, education, and many more.

Family Background and Education

Annie Idbia, Nigerian Actress, Model, Ambassador and wife of 2face Idibia

As said earlier, Annie Macaulay Idibia whom everyone knows as 2face Idibia’s wife was born on the 13th of November, 1984 in Ibadan, Oyo state. Annie’s father was reported to have worked with one of the top oil companies in Nigeria, Mobil (now ExxonMobil) while her mother was a housewife. Until around the age of 10 years, Annie grows up with her parents before the two divorces each other.

She with her siblings had to move with her mother to Jakande estate before moving to Thomas Estate in Lekki, Lagos where Annie grew up. During this period, her mother started working with Mobil as a cook.

Concerning her educational background, Annie Idibia Macaulay has two degrees from two popular Universities in Lagos State. A computer degree from Lagos State University (LASU) and a Theatre Arts degree from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).


Being raised by a single mom, 2face Idibia wife, Annie is a hard-working lady who combined both schoolings with work. She started working as a salesgirl after high school and was working in more than 2 spots even with studies.

Before meeting 2face Idibia, Annie was a model who worked with many brands while earning some tokens. She also competed at a Beauty Pageant show, Queen of All Nation where she was the runner-up. Later, she appeared in 2face popular music video titled ‘African Queen’.

After her cameo appearance in 2face popular video, she started getting roles in different movies ranging from ‘Blackberry Babe’ to ‘Pleasure and Crime’ and many others. Find below some of the movies acted by Annie Macaulay Idibia.

  • Unconditional
  • Pleasure and Crime
  • Blackberry Babes
  • Return of Blackberry Babes
  • First Family
  • White Chapel
  • Desires of Married Women
  • Estate Runs
  • Morning After Dark
  • Open Scar
  • Beautiful Monster
  • Secret Lovers

Furthermore, 2face Idibia’s wife has a line of eyelashes and also owned a Beauty salon called ‘Be Olive Hair’ Studio in Atlanta. She is also the founder of Annie Idibia care foundation, an NGO that oversees and prepares young women for a responsible life. Check out the biography of Mofe Damijo wife, Jumobi Adegbesan

Awards and Recognition

Annie Idibia is not only popular as 2face Idibia’s wife but also an award-winning actress. She was nominated as the best-supporting actress by the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2009. In 2016, Annie won the African Entertainment Legend Awards for Fast Rising Actress.

Family and Personal Relationship

As far back as 1999, Annie had known 2face, and not until 2002 when they started dating. Annie Idibia is known to be 2face long-time girlfriend even though there have been many women in the picture including his baby mamas.

Annie Idibia and Husband, 2face Idibia on their wedding day

They were on and off until Annie gave birth to her first daughter Isabella Idibia in December 2008. 2face later proposed and they got married in 2013. Annie gave birth to another daughter on January 3rd, 2014. Thus, 2face Idibia’s wife, Annie Macaulay Idibia is currently married to the popular musician with two daughters.

Annie Idibia, Husband with their two daughters

Despite her husband’s infidelity before marriage and after marriage, Annie had stuck to the marriage which made many fans on the different social media platforms to termed him a ‘submissive wife’. Most times, she is used as a yardstick of how only a submissive wife will enjoy his husband. Annie is a mother to other 5 children given birth to by other baby mamas for 2face before their marriage. Check out the biography of Josephine Edochie, Pete Edochie wife


Most people remember Annie Idibia as 2face supporting wife and she has always showered her husband’s praises despite his infidelity.

Until recently when Annie take to her social media page faulting her husband for spending time with one of his baby mama, Pero Adeniyi on the pretense of spending time with his kids. Although this wasn’t refuted by 2face, it caused a lot of social media outbursts and frenzy among the family members.

Net Worth

Being an award-winning actress and wife of a popular musician, Annie has bagged some endorsement with many brands. There is no doubt that she is doing well herself although Annie Idibia’s net worth is currently unknown.