Top Festivals in Nigeria and Where They are Celebrated

Nigeria is one of the most culturally wealthy countries in the world. With 371 tribes, 36 states, and the federal capital territory. Furthermore, festivities are an important element of Nigerian culture, and they are carried out with much splendor and grandeur. Furthermore, these Nigerian festivals are one method to highlight the country’s rich culture and other associated ethnic groups. These carnivals and festivals, on the other hand, feature fashion, music, cuisine, dances, and so on. Without further ado, here is a detailed guide to helping you understand the top Festivals in Nigeria and Where They are Celebrated in Nigeria, as well as how and when they are held.

Major Festivals In Nigeria

Because of Nigeria’s vast cultural and ethnic variety, there are several festivals and carnival festivities throughout the country, there are numerous prominent festivals observed across the country. If you enjoy the arts, culture, traditional festivals, and carnivals, Nigeria has some of the greatest cultural festival collections in the world. There is no better way to discover and appreciate Nigeria’s amazing cultural history than to attend one of the country’s cultural festivals.

Depending on your interests, you can choose from Africa’s largest street carnival in Calabar, cross river state, to the worship of the Osun goddess in the Holy Forest of Osun, or see the spectacular white Eyo masquerades in Lagos, or experience the harvest of the new yam festival all the way down to the Argungi Fish festival in the north, and so much more. best Nigerian Festivals We have carefully picked some of Nigeria’s greatest cultural events that will blow your mind.

Some of these festivals have no set dates, while others take place during a specific month of the year; make sure to keep an eye out for the dates so you can schedule and prepare appropriately. Plan to visit at least one of these rich cultural events in Nigeria on your next vacation to Nigeria. Do you know the states in Nigeria with the most beautiful girls?

Festivals in Nigeria and Where They are Celebrated

Calabar Cultural festival

In terms of spectacular performances, no festival in Nigeria can compete with Calabar. This is one of Nigeria’s cultural and creative festivities, which mixes with the modern and traditional lifestyles of individuals and Cross River State. Among the hundreds of people who attend the performances are some colorful costumes, feathered headdresses, dancing moves, captivating dancers, band appeal, and street parades. Calabar has a unique culture and tradition. From their traditional marriage requirements to their festivities, you can’t help but love them.

Osun Cultural Festival

Once you’ve experienced Nigeria’s most prestigious cultural event, you’ll never forget it. Furthermore, every year in August and July, this celebration takes place in Usun woodland. Furthermore, it is one of the cultural events in Nigeria that celebrates and reveres the river goddess. Many individuals meet here as well to find solutions to their various issues.

Eyo Cultural Festival

Witness this spectacular and one-of-a-kind celebration in Nigeria. it is a Yoruba event that turns the commercial Lagos Island into a dazzling white. Furthermore, it attracts thousands of people from all across Nigeria with its distinctive masquerades, costumed dances, and so on. Furthermore, the processions are quite colorful, and many highways are closed. Nonetheless, it is widely assumed that this event is the predecessor of the world’s largest carnival, known as the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

It is unique to Lagos State, and the masquerades are clearly identifiable by their white characteristic robes, headgear, and staff. The next time you visit Lagos, Nigeria, make sure you experience one of the country’s most distinctive and amazing celebrations. It is commonly referred to as the AdamuOrisha Celebration, a festival popular in South-West Nigeria, namely Lagos, that transforms the industrial Lagos Island into a lovely cultural tourism destination.

Thousands of visitors from all over the world attend the event to watch and observe thousands of costumed performers and Eyo masquerades perform. Dances, performances, chants, rituals, and other cultural sacrifices are all part of the parades. The Eyo festival is one of the most intriguing events in Nigeria, with hundreds of people flocking to see the magnificent sight of this celebration in Lagos.

New Yam Cultural Festival

This is such a vibrant and colorful cultural celebration in Nigeria, where yam is regarded as the king of allied crops. Furthermore, this event is held to publicize the harvesting season and the start of planting. Before and during the celebration, yams are also thrown and consumed. Essentially, someone senses the excitement surrounding them even before the carnival begins. Revelers have been seen traveling from all over the world to enjoy the festivities of this event. Furthermore, while in Nigeria, you may join it, meet new acquaintances, and share these wonderful events with friends and family.

Ojude Oba Cultural Festival

This is a cultural heritage weaved together from the threads of Nigeria’s history, conquest, variety, and folklore. Ajuda Oba translates as “The King’s First Year.” In this Nigerian event, many people from Ijebu Ode pay their respects to the King. Furthermore, this occurs on the third day of the Ileya Festival. It is, nevertheless, a celebration that includes traditional music, parades, horse skill demonstrations, and a variety of other activities.

Sango Cultural Festival

Everyone who has attended this cultural event has had a wonderful time. Furthermore, this is in celebration of the Sango festival, which honors a great god in Yoruba country. As a sort of pilgrimage, the event organizes a yearly home-coming Avenue for all Yoruba descent living in Diaspora. In addition, it re-enacts Nigerian history while also celebrating people’s traditions and cultures. Furthermore, this festival generates employment and money for a large number of individuals.

Ofala cultural festival

Ofala is held in Anambra State. Dr. Alfred Achebe, traditional rulers, and the Obi of Onitsha are all dressed in their finest red hats here. Furthermore, the royal regalia and their customary staff, with their displays and parades of power and riches, color the entire site crimson.

Carniriv cultural Festival

This event will last around seven days or a few weeks before the Christmas celebrations in the port city of Harcourt. This celebration in Port Harcourt includes two carnivals, cultural carnival changes, and a new Caribbean stylishness carnival. This guarantees that Garden City remains vibrant, and it is Rivers State’s greatest tourism export.

Argungu fishing cultural festival

You may have participated in various water sports in your home country, but you cannot afford to miss this one in Nigeria. The enticing dynamics of this cultural event, as well as the nervous contestants and ecstatic spectators, make the celebration even more enjoyable.

These folks are seen getting ready to plunge into the river to begin their exciting hunt for the greatest fish. You will adore how gorgeous and unique this celebration is.

Lagos International best Jazz cyoultural festival

LIJF is another name for this festival. It is a three-day cultural celebration held during International Jazz Day week, which begins on April 30. The event caters mostly to jazz fans and artists. In recent years, this festival has expanded to include various similar genres of the mainstream greatest music.

Jermaine Jackson and LekanBabalola are two Grammy award-winning artists that have played at this festival. Furthermore, this celebration is generally held in Lagos Island’s Freedom Park.

Shado/Sharo cultural festival

The sharo or shado flogging tournament is one of Nigeria’s ancient festivals that acts as a rite of passage for Fulani youths. Furthermore, the male adolescents are observed being guided by certain girls to the gathering of onlookers. These young men are equipped with whips and are bare-chested.

As the drumming and chanting reach a peak, every man is expected to undergo a harsh whipping that boldly shows his masculinity. In this tribe, a young man is only eligible to marry after passing such a test.

This sharo is also performed throughout the dry season and subsequently at the Id-el-Kabir festival. Other associated entertainment at this festival, however, includes music, dancing acts, and tricksters on exhibit.

Egungun Festival

Between November and April, another prominent event in Nigeria is the Egingun festival, which is popular in the country’s southwestern region. The event includes a variety of cultural dances, music, exhibitions, and other activities. It is widespread in many regions of the South West, from Egba to Ibadan. The Egungun festival is a masquerade celebration.

Durbar Festival

The Durbar celebration is held in Northern Nigeria and is one of the most colorful events in Nigeria, with a specially created horse on display. It is a Royal celebration held between Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. It is known locally as HawanDaushe, and it includes a royal procession of thousands of horsemen dressed in full regalia galloping across the street from the Palace of the Emir.

This event comprises trumpeters, vocalists, drummers, wrestlers, entertainers, and stunt artists. Aside from horses, the Durbar celebration features a variety of exotic creatures such as donkeys, hyenas, snakes, and camels.

Other Notable Festivals in Nigeria

Apart from the lists of festivals in Nigeria mentioned above, these are some of the noteworthy festivals in Nigeria that you should be aware of.

  • Lagos Theatre Festival, February 28th – March 6th, Lagos State
  • Ose-meji Ibadan East Oyo State Bade Fishing Festival February / March
  • Zuru Wmir Bade Yobe State


With diverse Tribes in Nigeria in their peculiar ways of life, the above is the list of major Festivals in Nigeria and Where They are Celebrated. hope you plan to attend any of your interest. it will interest you that there is a lot to learn about Nigeria that you still don’t know. like, do you know the states with the cheapest Bride price in Nigeria? bookmark 9jatoday revisit for continuous informative updates.