Top 5 States With the Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria

Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria

There is this popular assertion that the most beautiful girls in Nigeria are usually Igbos. The reason being that they usually dominate whenever there’s any beauty pageant.

This isn’t actually the true position of it. We can’t judge beauty by looking at the few participants of beauty contests.

Accordingly, if you’ve ever visited the northern part of Nigeria, you’ll all believe with me that Fulani girls are really gorgeous and beautiful.

So, be enlightened that ‘Miss Nigeria’ Award came into limelight in 1957 while the Award for the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ began in 1986.

Looking at these two contests, you’ll believe me that the participants and the winners often came from the southern and eastern parts of the country.

The northern people don’t partake in it because of some religious beliefs best known to them.

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So, after some deep research and visitation to some states in Nigeria, here is the list of top states with the most beautiful damsels in Nigeria.

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  1. Imo State

Judging with the first winner’s of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, I’m State Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu scooped home the Award.

Not limited to that, damsels from Imo State have already carted home the award on 5 different occasions.

  1. Rivers State

Rivers State also has beautiful ladies that can keep men asking for more. Remember, Rivers had also won the Award of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 4 times.

However, what makes them second on this list is the fact that to date, the first and only Nigerian to won Miss World Award, Agbani Darego; is from Rivers State.

  1. Katsina

I have been to northern Nigeria several times and I must confess, our sisters from that side of the world are sweet and beautiful.

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The reason why they may be having poor ranking is that they don’t participate in beauty pageantry. But all the same, that doesn’t mean there are no beautiful damsels in Katsina State, too.

In fact, if you observe most of the beauty pageantries, the representatives of the North are not northerners sometimes.  That’s why it’s hard to see Katsina girls with their amazing stunning looks.

  1. Lagos

Lagos State alone has produced 10 winners of ‘Miss Nigeria’ winners. Beating Imo State 5 times winners of the ‘Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria.’

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No other states in Nigeria have such huge record. More so, this beautiful city has also won the Award of the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ on 3 different occasions.

  1. Anambra

Another state from the east made it to the list of top states with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Igbos are beautiful, no point in going against that.

If you’ve ever come across an Anambra girl, you’ll realize how beautiful they are. No wonder, they have won the ‘Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria’ Award 3 times, too.

What’s more, 2 damsels from Anambra State have represented Nigeria in ‘Miss Universe’ beauty pageant and 3 have represented Nigeria in ‘Miss World.’

Over to you guys, what do you think of this list?


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