Health Benefits Of Going To Bed Without Undies

There are huge health benefits on sleeping without undies, you will understand better below.

For most women, wearing a pantie to bed makes them feel secure and sleep without fear, but the issue is most people don’t know there are several disadvantages to the practice of going to bed with panties.

The first common thing every woman should know and understand is that, when you sleep with your Bra and Panties, you are simply disallowing air to flow through the under, and this may sure generate some heat, and causes you to sweat, the result is you having skin infection or allergy.

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Another thing common is that when a woman sleeps with her panties and bra, it reduces the flow of blood and this may cause Cancer (breast cancer) in the end.

However, If you desire to still wear panties to bed, you should get yourself some cotton panties, to be on the safer side.

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Note also the following;

Vaginal Infections

If you have been ignorantly going to bed at night with panties then you may have been causing yourself some serious health challenge.

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When a woman wears her panties to sleep, there’s every possibility that you develop some moist in the genital area, and this can cause a vaginal yeast infection, due to the fungus Candida albicans.

You having a vaginal yeast infection can also be a treat to your partner. Any man who makes love to a woman with a vaginal yeast infection, he is sure to also experience itching and rashes on his penis.


– If sleeping without panties will make you feel not secure, then you are advised to put on boxers or pyjamas.

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– Always make sure you spent at least 4 to 5 hours a day without your undies and Bra, so that your parts can receive some breathe to avoid infections.

– Always make sure you thoroughly clean your parts with ordinary clean water, research has confirmed that it is not also advisable for ladies to use soap in washing their private parts. Ordinary clean water can do you good.

Stay healthy, leave healthy and be wise.


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