Home Remedy For Sore Throat And Dry Cough

sore throat

It is still a marvel that with the way technology has advanced and research is being carried out, the medical world has still not found a cure for the common cold. True, there are preventive measures and medicine and there are also drugs to help you manage the cold while you have it till it runs its full course but you cannot get rid of it and when it results in a sore throat, you have something else to contend with. Sometimes, the sore throat would look unresponsive to the cough syrups and every other medicine and at this point, you may want to look at your diet to determine how to get rid of this anomaly. What kinds of food can then help you get rid of your sore throat?

1. Liquorice

Sounds like fun already, doesn’t it? with a sore throat infection, sucking on some liquorice would help to better soothe your throat and in the long run, mix that cough and start to lessen the impacts too. According to studies, liquorice can do a lot in calming pains in the human airways.

2. Sage

Sage has been in use for many centuries now for the fight against inflammation and with positive results recorded, it would work for you also. Pour some dry sage into a bowl and pour some warm water over it before consumption or just pour the sage into that bowl of chicken soup that you are about to have.

3. Ice cream

We promised you this would be fun, didn’t we? Ice cream would help you to numb the unnecessary pain that the sore throats are giving to you due to their coldness and the creamy nature would also provide a thin film over your throat to lessen fiction and the effect of cough outbursts. Studies have proven that ice cream would not contribute to the condition as you might have been believing but rather relieve it

4. Bananas

Bananas are very rich in vitamin C which is essential in returning you back to health from any sickness and the easy to swallow nature of the product makes it a good soother for your sore throat.

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5. Cooked cabbages

Packed full of anti-oxidants, you might never have a better friend that would help you get better during sick time than cabbage would. To lower inflammation related to illness more, use some olive oil to fry some of the cabbage ads consume it also.

6. Carrots

Now, before you go about just popping fresh carrots into your mouths, read this through – you have to cook them first. When the carrots have been properly cooked or steamed as your preference maybe, they would help to quickly fuse your bloodstream with some vitamin A that boosts the immune system faster

7. Honey

Saving the best for the last, the list has brought us to the potentials of honey. Honey has been in use for a long time in calling a variety of toothaches and mouth aches and it also finds application with coughs and sore throats. Great news is, honey is a very sweet substance that doesn’t give you diabetes so you can consume as much as you would like.


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