Keystone Bank Transfer Code

Keystone Bank among other banks has introduced USSD codes that can function on phones without having to go to the bank or use Mobile banking. In this post, we will be highlighting the Keystone Bank Transfer Code and other useful codes for banking transactions including how to use it.

If you are a customer of Keystone bank who has an account with them. It’s important for you to know the different ways to recharge your phone, transfer, and do all other transactions. Because you can need it anytime, any day.

Before you can use the Keystone bank recharge code and all other transaction codes, you must register your phone number for the USSD transaction.

How To Register Your Sim For Keystone Bank Service

As said earlier, you can’t use the Keystone bank recharge code without registering even if it is the number you used for your bank account. Follow the following steps to register.

1. Dial the Keystone USSD Code *7111*0# on your Sim(used in registering your bank account)

2. Follow the process as shown on your phone screen.

3. Reset your pin to 4 secret codes you will always remember.

4. Enter the last 4 digits on your Keystone ATM Card

5. Enter your Security Code to complete your registration.

After completing the following steps successfully, you can now use the Keystone bank recharge code, transfer code, and many others. The above process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

You are free to start banking in the comfort of your home even without an internet connection. You can also do this on any network either MTN, Glo, Airtel, or any other network. So far it’s the same number you used to register.

Keystone bank transfer code
Keystone Bank Recharge Code, transfer codes, and so on

How To Use Keystone Bank Recharge Code

With the current level of technology, you can also recharge your phone using the Keystone bank recharge code without any stress.

Do you need to buy airtime for yourself or a friend? See the following steps.

  • To Recharge Your Number using Keystone Bank Recharge code

Dial *7111*1*amount(you want to recharge)# and follow the process as displayed.

  • To Recharge Other Numbers apart from your Registered number

Dial *7111*1*amount*Phone number #

Note: It can be used to recharge any network either MTN, Glo, Airtel, and others. The Keystone bank’s daily airtime recharging limit is #20,000.

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How To Use Keystone Bank Transfer Code

You can also transfer money from one bank account to another either Keystone bank or others in Nigeria.

  • Transferring from your Keystone Bank to other Keystone banks requires you to dial *7111*amount* Keystone bank account#. For example, dialing *7111*2000*3012345678# means you want to transfer 2000 to that Keystone account.
  • Transferring From your Keystone bank account to other Bank accounts like Polaris, Wema, Zenith, and so on requires the same. You can transfer by also dialing *7111*amount*account number# and following other due processes.

Note: You will be required to put in the digit pin you created when registering, to complete your bank transaction. The Keystone bank’s daily transfer limit is #200,000.

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How to Open a Keystone Bank Account Using USSD Code

You can also open a Keystone Bank account for yourself and others by dialing *7111#. Then continue to follow the processes displayed by your phone after selecting “create account”. Your BVN number will also be required if you already have an account with other banks before. After a successful attempt, your account number will be sent to you.

With all the USSD codes mentioned above, including the Keystone Bank Recharge Code, you should be able to perform many bank transactions on your phone easily.