How to Start a Music Studio in Nigeria

You want to start a Music Studio in Nigeria and you are wondering if its a profitable business? There’s no point in arguing the fact the music industry is one of the biggest industries in Nigeria and the world at large. So to make good music, there is a need for an efficient music studio.

How then can you start a music studio in Nigeria?

This vital question is what this article tends to answer in a very simple and easy way.

To begin with, starting an efficient music studio doesn’t have a definite or fixed investment capital, it all depends on your budget and how big you want the studio to be.

Also, before starting a music studio, you need to check yourself if you are a certified music producer or you are just an audio engineer. If you’re none but just a business mogul, you may hire professionals music producers and sound engineers to man your studio for you.

Starting a music studio is lucrative and profitable. Most especially now that young and talented artist is sprouting out with the goal and ambition of becoming a superstar.

To achieve this fit, they need a music studio with amazing equivalent and this is where you come in as a music studio owner.

Without much ado, the following are what you need to start a music studio in Nigeria:

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  1. Location

You definitely can’t open studio music in a vacuum and as such, you’ll need to get a serene location that is free from any kind of noise pollution. Artist loves a silent environment to gather up inspirations. Remember that, a great recording or studio session can be ruined by external noises.

  1. Divide the Studio House

Now that the issue of serene location for the studio has been solved, the next is for you to divide the studio house into three-room segments.

  • You’ll need a lobby for family and friends or artist to stay when the studio session is ongoing;
  • Also is the music studio control room where the recording equipment will be housed; and
  • And lastly is the recording room where the artist will record and instrumentalist will be played.
  1. Sound Proofing

Apart from the fact that the studio is situated in a peaceful and serene environment, you’ll still have to soundproof the whole studio. This will enhance the recording serenity and it will make the recording room to be totally free from echo and all other noises of all sorts.

  1. Music Studio Equipment

Here is the last stage of starting a music studio and it is the part that you’ll spend millions on if you intend to open an incredible music studio. You’ll have to buy studio equipment like Compressor, De-essers, Mics, Mixers, equalizer, Preamps, computers, cables, audio interfaces, effect racks, monitors and host of others.

Thus, spending on music studio depends greatly on your budget, you can get some average equipment that is not that costly but you can’t expect them to function efficiently and effectively like the high-quality ones.

In conclusion, remember that the success of your music studio depends greatly on your equipment, good equipment makes good music, better equipment makes better music and high-quality equipment will make hits songs.

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