Comprehensive List of Companies Owned By Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote

The man himself, Aliko Dangote who doubled as the richest man in Africa and the wealthiest black man in the planet Earth. Dangote wealth didn’t evolve overnight, his entrepreneur career started at 21 (Read also: Reasons You Should Start a Business While You’re Young) before he rose to the status of the most affluent black man on Earth.

He is presently the CEO of Dangote group of companies worldwide. Dangote companies can be found almost in every business sector. His business interests include cement, sugar, salt, pasta, flour, beverages, fertilizer manufacturing among other things.

Informatively, Dangote group of companies has been taken steps to extend its tentacles to the telecommunication sector, steel manufacturing, and the beautiful oil and gas industry; of which he is currently constructing a multimillion oil refinery in Lekki, Lagos.

However, this article will highlight all the companies owned by this successful business mogul, associated and subsidiaries companies inclusive.

  1. Dangote Cement PLC

Dangote Cement is the first manufacturing industry the business tycoon ever ventured into. The company has over the years grown exponentially to be the largest Dangote group company.

  1. Dangote Sugar Refinery

Without a doubt, Dangote Sugar refinery the second-largest sugar manufacturing company in the World. It has 1.44 MMTPA capacity and it utilizes the homegrown sugar canes in bringing out the best sugars for consumption.

  1. Dangote Salt

The third on the list is the Salt company. It produces edible table Salt. It has many branches in Nigeria’s major cities. Among them are Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, etc.

  1. Dangote Transport Limited

Dangote also has a transportation company, Dantrans Limited which he uses to facilitate swift transportation systems across Nigeria.

  1. Dangote Flour Mills

This is another variety of Dangote company. It produces flour and its main office is situated in Lagos.

  1. Dangote Holdings Limited

Dangote Holdings is an investment opportunity scheme owned by the African richest himself.

  1. Dancom Technologies Limited

This is another Dangote group of companies conglomerate. It rendered IT services, infrastructure support, server operations, network operations, and the likes.

  1. Dansa Foods Limited

This is one of the Dangote associated company which produces beverages food ranging from juice down to bottled water.

  1. Dangote Textiles Limited

This company produces clothes and textile-related products.

  1. Alheri Engineering Limited

This Dangote company provides qualitative and elementary engineering services.

  1. Kura Holdings Ltd

Another Dangote associated company that specializes in the Business Investment sector with its headquarters in India and a branch in Lagos.

  1. Blue Star Limited

Another associated company to Dangote. It is one of the largest companies in India.

  1. Sephaku Cement Limited

A South African company specializes in cement production. It is also associated with the Dangote group having a 64% share.

  1. GreenView International Company Ltd.

A Ghana cement factory with Dangote having an investment worth $28million there.

  1. Dangote Oil and Gas Industries International

A soon to be ready refinery which is said to resolve the agonizing issues of petroleum in Nigeria.

  1. Dangote Agro Sacks Limited

A bag packaging company that has the ability to produces millions of sacks across the country.

  1. MHF Properties Limited

A property management company established by the Group sometimes in 2011.

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That is that about the companies owned by Aliko Dangote group of companies.

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