The Most Wicked And Dangerous Tribes in Nigeria

There are three major and popular tribes in Nigeria and they are the Hausas, Yorubas, and the Igbos. Yorubas are the most educated among the three, the Igbos are industrious while the Hausas are into farming. However, the hatred and who’s who between the three has eaten up the country’s politics. This article will, therefore, identify the Most Wicked Tribes / Dangerous Tribes in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a heterogeneous country with over 371 ethnic groups making up the country. However, the predominant three of these tribes are three Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

The three major tribes are different from each other in character, discipline, and way of life. As such, the three found it difficult to tolerate each other.

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Which Tribe is The Most Wicked Tribe in Nigeria?

List of The Most Dangerous Tribes in Nigeria

  1. Fulani Tribe

The Fulanis can be found in the northern part of the country and they’re the most wicked tribe in Nigeria. Several News reports had it in recent years that the Fulani herdsmen attacked and killed farmers in different villages just for their cattle to feed on the farmer’s farmland.

  1. Ogoni Tribe

Ogoni is another ethnic group that is considered to be wicked and dangerous to relate unnecessary with. The people of Ogoni are known for killings, kidnapping,  and all other kinds of illegal vices.

The wickedness in this part of the country is of no tongue. An ordinary #200 can make the people of Ogoni grow mad and wreak havoc.

  1. Igbo Tribe

The Igbos are seen and considered to be the wealthiest tribe in the whole of Nigeria. This is a result of their business sense, but yet, they are still one of the most dangerous and wicked tribes in Nigeria today.

Igbos love money and as such, they can do anything to get it. Even if they have to use their own family for ritual.

  1. Hausa Tribe

Don’t be confused, the Hausa tribe is distinct and different from the Fulanis and they are also wicked and dangerous to be offended. Hausas don’t forgive and forget and they can go to any length for revenge.

Hausa people can kill each other over small things. They love maiming whenever they’re fighting and they also dominated the deadly Boko Haram because of their ignorance and wicked soul.

  1. Yoruba Tribe

The Yorubas may look pretty innocent and God’s fearing but their youths are one of the dangerous youths in the country. The Yorubas are fond of cult practices, child rape, kidnapping, corrupt politicians, using human parts for rituals, etc.

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  1. Ijaw

Worthy of mention on the list of the most wicked and dangerous tribes in  Nigeria are the Ijaws. The people of Ijaw are in love with kidnapping oil workers who are usually foreigners.

  1. Edo

The Edo tribe has the highest number of witches, cultists, kidnappers, and ogboni fraternity. All these social and illegal vices made them into the list of the most wicked ethnic groups or tribes in Nigeria.

  1. Esan Tribe

The Esan people ethnic group can also be found in Edo state. The people of this tribe are usually core witches and cultists. They are so wicked that they are often at war with each other using any available diabolic means just to deal with each other.

  1. Ebira Tribe

The Ebira tribe is known for being aggressive, violent, and loud they always prefer to make use of their fist in place of a mouth. Rumour has it that a person from Ebira can kill over something that can’t even hold water.

  1. Nupe /Tapa Tribe

Tapa people are full of magic. They are aggressive and don’t forgive easily. There are also dangerous to offend as they can kill using diabolic means without showing remorse.

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