Nigerian Air force Ranks and Salary Structure (Updated)

Nigerian Air force Ranks and Salary Structure (Updated)

How much do you think Nigerian Air Force officials earn? This post will give details on the Nigerian Air Force salary structure based on ranks.

Generally, it is always difficult finding the salaries of government workers in Nigeria and most especially the military, but you don’t have to worry as we have started posting about the salaries of most of them like the Nigerian Police Salay Structure and the LASTMA salary and you are going to be getting more.

The monthly amount paid by the Nigerian Air Force is based on the rank the officer is and that takes us to the Nigerian Air Force Ranks and also you need to know that the salary of the Nigerian Air Force is quite different from that of the Navy and Army. We will give you an easy to understand details about this.

Most people have the thought that the NigerianNavy receives a higher salary than every other force in Nigeria but you should know that the Nigerian Air Force pays according to the ranks of their personnel or officers, likewise, there are different allowances and benefits accompanied with the salary.

It will make no sense if we don’t know about the Nigerian Air Force and its function in Nigeria Military.

In 1961, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) was established after participating in a peace-keeping mission in Tanzania and Congo.

The main function or work of the Airforce is to airlift soldiers and provide ariel support, this was what prompted the legalization after the peacekeeping mission which birthed the establishment in Nigeria.

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After being established and backed up, the Nigerian Airforce ensures there is proper maintenance of the airspace and every equipment, the monitoring of incoming and outgoing flights in Nigeria, giving support to ground troops in the fight against insurgency, etc.

The Nigerian Airforce started in 1962 with just 10 soldiers, they are the first set of cadets that got trained by the Ethiopian Airforce and in 1963, six were being sent out to further their training with the Royal Canadian Airforce.

Not long after that, the Nigerian government started training the recruits in Nigeria with the help or service of the German Airforce and within a space of few years all the training being gathered are put to use and trained Airforce officers started training new recruits.

The Nigerian Airforce participated in the Nigerian Civil War which occurred between 167 to 1970. Let us quickly take a look at the aims and objectives of the Nigerian Airforce.

Aims and Objectives of the Nigerian Airforce

  • To give Nigeria the deserved prestige in Africa and Globally.
  • To give needed support for ground troops (Army), Seaborne forces (Navy) while performing important operations.
  • To protect the territories of the country against attacks.
  • To ensure a swift and versatile mobilization of all armed forces.
  • To complement other military forces like the Army, Navy and the police.
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So far so good, the Nigerian Airforce has recorded countless success in their operations, having great achievement both in the territory of Nigeria and also during various peacekeeping missions in Africa and beyond.

The aviation sector also has its collaboration with the Nigerian Airforce where the Airforce provides low-level support when there is a need for defense and also around the airports all over Nigeria.

The Nigerian Airforce has recorded victory in many peacekeeping mission and with delight, we have listed them below;

  • Peace-keeping mission in Lebanon(1978-1982)
  • Peace-keeping mission in Liberia by ECOMOG
  • Peace-keeping operation in Chad with the UN Military Observer Group (UNIMOG) in 1988, Yugoslavia.
  • Peace-keeping mission in Sierra Leone
  • Mission in Somalia and Rwanda

With all that being said, let us go straight to the Nigerian Airforce salary structure.

Nigerian Airforce Salary Structure 2020 Updated

Here we will provide you the new salary structure of the Nigerian Airforce based on the Consolidate Armed Forces Salary Structure (CONAFSS)in relation to other armed forces in Nigeria. No doubt, the Nigerian Airforce personnel both airmen and airwomen earn an attractive salary and we don’t need to argue that they really deserve it and even more.

Mostly University graduates are given so much regard as they the commissioned officers so they earn more than the Airmen and Airwomen. According to the information gathered from the Nigerian Airforce officers and in comparison with the ones gotten from other platforms we get to know that the Nigerian Airforce just like other military is placed on these two categories which are the Non-Commissioned Officers and the Commissioned Officers.

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Below is the salary structure of the Nigerian Airforce based on ranks;

Non-commissioned officers:

Trainee earns N10,237 monthly

Aircraftman woman is paid N53,892 monthly

Lance Corporal are being paid N55,832 monthly

Corporal earns N58,634 monthly

Sergeant earns N69,261 monthly

Flight Sergeant earns N87,119 monthly

Warrant Officer earns N101,974 monthly

Master Warrant Officer earns N165,697 monthly

Cadet (Trainee) earns N44,564 monthly

Air Warrant Officer earns N171,793 monthly

Commissioned Officers:

Pilot Officer salary is N187,159 monthly

Flying Officer salary is N218,400 monthly

Flight Lieutenant salary is N232,484 monthly

Squadron Leader earns N248,004 monthly

Wing Comdr earns N342,586 monthly

Group Captain earns N352,631 monthly

Air Commodore earns N677,895 monthly

Air Vice-Marshal earns N1,376,343 monthly

Air Marshal earns N1,486,451 monthly

Air Chief Marshal earns N1,724,283 monthly

The above is the gathered list and now you can make a choice to join the Nigerian Airforce, you can also be on the lookout for recruitment into the Nigerian Airforce.

Note: We have only provided the figures we got from various sources and also from the officers themselves, if you think there is something we are missing on this article kindly make a suggestion via the comment box. Thanks.

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