LASTMA Salary Structure 2021: Full Salary Scale

LASTMA Salary Structure

How much is LASTMA salary? How much do LASTMA officials earn? In this post, we have provided you information on the LASTMA salary structure.

“LASTMA” meaning the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, they see to the smooth running of traffic in Lagos state and they enforce traffic-related laws, the LASTMA is owned and managed by the Lagos State government and under the Federal Ministry of Transport.

LASTMA was founded on 15th of July, 2000 for the sole purpose of transportation, they are there to ensure the free flow of transportation in Lagos state for both federal and state roads and to reduce road accidents.

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The agency also serves as a means of employment for the young graduates or youths that are seeking employment, they are trained about the job while recruiting them.


LASTMA is up to a point modernized to use the latest technology to regulate the flow of transportation in the state and also enforcing the traffic laws which guides everyone.

Are you interested in being a LASTMA official? Do you want to know how much the LASTMA officials earn monthly? Then continue reading this post as we have the answer to whichever questions you have about LASTMA.

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LASTMA Salary Structure 2021

The Lagos State Civil Service Authority didn’t reveal the monthly LASTMA salary scale to the public but we have taken our time to find out from the officials of LASTMA to know how much they are being paid on monthly basis.

We have also compared the amount from other public sources and discovered the real salary of LASTMA officials.

Based on our findings, the Lagos State Traffic Management salary ranges between ₦54,000 to ₦60,000 monthly after which taxes and other expenses must have been deducted.

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LASTMA Rank and Salary

We cannot say the same for the high ranking officials as it is certain that high ranked officials like the Chief Executive Officers, GM, and others might earn much more and we urge you to always check back on this post as we will update it once the accurate information has been retrieved.

In conclusion, the salary structure of LASTMA doesn’t look juicy but instead of staying idle because of the high level of unemployment in Nigeria then joining the agency is a good option.


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