EFCC Salary Structure, Ranks and Divisions in 2021

The EFCC salary structure is evasive to the public, being one of the frontline security agencies with many top-secret.

Have you ever wondered how much the EFCC pays its staff and their pay scale? This article will expose you to all the ranks and the Division with the EFCC new salary structure and some other facts.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) is a government agency saddled with the responsibility of investigating financial related crimes including money laundering, 419 and Frauds, monetary violations, tax crimes, and other offenses.

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The Nigerian government agency was established in 2003. This was after being listed as one of the 23 uncooperative countries that fail to fight against money laundering by the Task Force on Money Laundering. Since it’s inception, EFCC has not just only deal with financial crimes but also maintain and regulate social order. The EFCC headquarters is currently located in Abuja.

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Before delving into the EFCC agency works, do you know what the EFCC functions are? Below are some legalized functions below

  • Investigating Cues related to monetary and financial crimes
  • Arresting offenders who partake in frauds, money laundering, and other related crimes
  • Persecution of Offenders with illegal tax dealings
  • Ability to arrest suspect of any financial related crimes.


The Current EFCC Salary Structure with Ranks and Divisions

The salary structure of the economic and financial crime commission(EFCC) is based on many factors. EFCC pays their staffs based on the number of years in service gathered and even position occupied. The reason why we will be taking a look at the various positions available.

EFCC Ranks and Divisions

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission(EFCC) has 3 major ranks of officers in 5 different divisions. Below is the list of the ranks with the 5 divisions.

Ranks of EFCC officers – the detective inspector, Detective Superintendent, and the detective assistant cadres of Cadets.

5 Divisions of EFCC – The administrative division, cadet division, certificate courses division, research and publications division, and finally the capacity development division.

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The Salary Structure of EFCC and Payscale

Taking into account the above-mentioned factors, an average Officer or detective with entry-level or 0 to 2 years experience earns N158,000 to N201,000.

Below is the list of the EFCC ranks and their monthly salary.

  • Graduate Assistant (Entry Level)- N158,000
  • Graduate Assistant(Mid-level) – N201,000
  • Deputy Detective Superintendent –  N 245,000
  • Agent Detective Superitendent – N245,000

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Note: The salary may also differ depending on their level.

We hope you find our article on the EFCC Salary Structure, Ranks, and Division useful.


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