Notable Nigerian Police Officers That Commits Suicide

Nigerian Police

As human beings, we are sure to face challenges in life, this is not a curse, but a reality of life, and therefore, we must be ready to embrace life as it comes, though with a push to get out believing in God always.

You never can tell what awaits that thought of suicide coming to you. The next minutes after the thought might be a situation that will forever turn your life around for good.

Suicide in the Nigerian Police Force:

Reports on suicide in the Nigerian Police Force has seemed to be on the increase yearly, and this has stirred up fear among Nigerians and security forces, wondering and asking why an officer of the law who understands the law will take his own life for any situation.

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In the previous years, Nigeria was said to rank 15th in the case of suicide. This was confirmed to be true by Dr Ani Kalayjian, the founder of a US-based organisation in a report dated 2016.

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The most recent of suicide case in the Nigerian Police Force was that of an officer revealed as Eze.

It was reported on news platform on Wednesday, January 5 that Eze hanged himself at the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.

It was a cold report that feared some concerned Nigerians who were wondering how the officer must have been frustrated before hanging himself.

Meanwhile, reports had it that Eze made his way to the cell after he was arrested for allegedly been responsible for the death of a man while he was attached to a Dangote factory some times back.

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Eze’s suicide case is, however, few among many of such in the Nigerian Police Force.

See Below the names of some Notable Police Suicide from the Previous Years:

        NAME                                 RANK                                                      YEAR

  • Eze                                     (Rank not revealed)                                 – February 2020
  • David Agholor                  – Retired Chief Superintendent of Police  – April 2018
  • Paul Joseph                      – Sergeant                                                 – November 2019
  • John Markus                     – Inspector                                                – December 2019
  • Donatus Oyibe                 – Sergent (Mobile Police)                          – September 2017
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Suicide as the case may be is not the last choice any person should make.

Always learn to trust God for a better tomorrow, irrespective of your religious belief, background or circumstance.

Remember, Happiness is free! So Earn it.


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